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Basic Japanese Language

I want more people to learn more about another language so I'm gonna teach about Japanese language.

Momoka Ogasawara

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Basic Japanese Language

Basic Japanese Language
Learn about another language!! History of Japanese
Japanese Language is base on Chinese Characters
But other Japanese language is original There are 3 types
1. kanji : Came from Chinese characters some kanji came from a drawing
2. hiragana and katakana: Two syllbabic scripts made up of modified Chinese characters . Kanji
When you write Japanese name and sentences.
Example my name has kanji in it, Momoka and last name.
Next picture show cool kanji and came from drawing kanji. Hiragana
Like the English alphabet, each hiragana letter represents a specific sound and does not have any meaning
When you write sentences
Next picture will show what hiragana is. こんにちは good morning
good bye katakana
When you write an American name like Alyssa, Mrs. Nix, America, and more!
Next picture is example for when you use katakana Came from drawing Mountain and Tree Example for
Japanese Language English: My name is Momoka

Japanese: Watashi no namae wa
Momoka desu. Kanji Kanji Kanji my name Japanese Shool
How many kanji do we have to learn??
1st: about 56 kanji
2nd: about 174 kanji
3rd: about 200 kanji
4th: about 200 kanji
5th: about 185 kanji
6th: about 181 kanji
Total is about 993 kanji!!!
But still you have to learn in 9th through 12th graders too! Ogenkidesuka?
How are you? Hai iie
Yes No These website is for learning the Japanese and language.
Website that can learn more about Japanese!
Hiragana Chart Let`s Learn the basic
Japanese Language!!

Let's Practice the Sample
Japanese Sentence!! Ohayoo Gozaimasu.
Good morning.

Nice to meet you.

Anata no namae wa nanndesuka?
What your name? Japanese Language is really hard!! Really Basic!!!!

There are 46 sounds (Alphabet) Thank you for watching

Do You know where is Japan?

Before the basic Japanese language... News About Japan
A tsunami hit the eastern border of Japan and several earthquakes were felt everywhere.
Now, there is less food to eat.
A lot people lost their house so they live in schools or where they can live. Where the tsunami hit Map

Where did the tsunami hit? Now, let's go back to the Basic Japanese Language!! United State of America Africa Russia Japan Name My is Came from Chinese Characters

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