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Anime music videos in anime fan-culture.

Deja Jackson

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of AMV

Mechanics Techniques of creating a successful AMV Harmonize How you connect the music with the video Music Synching timing transitions or events in the video to match those in the song Lyrical Synching "What you see is what you hear!"
matching the lyrics of the songs with the events in the video
Lip synching Music Synching matching the emotion that the music evokes to the anime Conceptualize Thesis: Why do people make AMVs?
What is the intent of these videos?
What message do you want to get across? You MAD? A.nime
V.ideo "Videos of Madness" Thank You For Watching! ~ Deja Jackson Deja Jackson Balance Trailer Style Alternate Opening Anime Music Video:
fan-made compilations of anime video clips set to an audio track
Known as Videos of Madness in Japan AMV Hell Key Feature:
Often employs audio from the anime
to simulate a trailer Story Edition Key Feature:
Tells a story separate from the featured anime Shipping Label Key Feature:
Focuses on a specific relationship between characters in the anime Key Feature: Recreates an original opening Key Feature:
Subgenre of AMVs that compile smaller and highly comedic, nonsensical AMVs Dance Video Key Feature:
Encourages you to get funky and dance! amv amv *More popular with the Western audience than
original Japanese audience
Both incorporate different styles into their AMV amv amv amv amv amv amv amv Best Videos by Rating Copyright Case: Draw With Me A boy and girl separated by impenetrable glass communicate with each other by drawing Original Animation by Mike Inel
Song Title: Cherish - Ai Otsuka Song originally meant for the
fictional band "Trapnest" in
the anime "NANA" AMV Contest! Best Overall
Best Romance
Best Action
Best Comedy
Best Drama
Viewer's Choice
Editor's Choice
Theme Based This Is Halloween
[Anime Expo 2010 Winner] Bad Apple CNN Take Touhou Project So popular in Japanese as a franchise that it has become subject to many forms of fan culture including doujinshi and MAD videos 1996
Bullet Hell Shooter
Doujin Game

one-man project by ZUN Evan: For elements of media that are owned by more than one party, such as the underlying animation, enforcement usually falls upon the party with rights for that territory where such use takes place. Regarding AMV's and fan videos, we don't mind most fan videos, including AMVs. The main reasons for this are that they can often serve a promotional purpose, and legally, they can sometimes constitute Fair Use. The basic thinking going into fan videos is thus: if it whets the audience's appetite, we'll leave it alone. But if it sates the audience's appetite, it needs to come down. Does that make sense? Final Video! Enjoy! MAD! Video Types
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