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Crushable Water Bottle By: Jesse

No description

Jesse Kriebel

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Crushable Water Bottle By: Jesse

The key to this invention is the magic straw. As you drink through the magic straw, it removes the fluid and shrinks the bottle by not allowing air to go back into the bottle. To make this invention more attractive, they would come in many colors and sizes. They could have many different themes such as sports, T.V. shows, etc. This product is 100% recyclable and environment friendly. 1. Since it would be more expensive than a regular water bottle, it might not sell as quickly as the regular water bottles.
2. It might be harder to manufacture and package.
3. It might be difficult to keep the straw sanitary. Collapsible Water Bottle with Magic Straw
By: Jesse Kriebel My invention will save thousands of acres in landfills and help protect our natural resources for future generations. Before = After = I would create a label for my product that says "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the EARTH." In the marketing of my product, I would emphasize how God created the Earth and we, as His children, should take care of it. We should think about our children and our grandchildren and make sure they have a safe, clean place to live. We have to be a good example to future generations, so they, too, will protect and preserve the Earth. The inventor would have to determine what size bottle would work best in relation to the size of the straw, (You would have to have a little straw in a little bottle and a big straw in a big bottle). The inventor would have to figure out what size label to use compared to the size of the bottle. Individual bottle =$1.50
Pack of 24 =$7.50 Price
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