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Brooke W

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Macy's

Advertising Campaign Macy's Is A... National retailer with 800 stores across America that sell exclusive or limited brands that are found solely at Macy's. created by this guy Current Image 40-year-old women and moms
a department store with a variety of products
Herald Square maintains an upper-scale image while everyday Macy’s has has a more average or lower image
An historic company
"The Magic of Macy's" Desired Brand Image Macy’s is a well-established brand and important part of the community. Macy’s is a department store that offers a variety of exclusive brands all under one roof. The Competition JC Penny: A retail store offering a variety of products at a reasonable price.
Target: A store dedicated to offering the best products at the most reasonable prices. “Expect More, Pay Less.” Direct Indirect • Bed Bath and Beyond: A store that offers a variety of home accessory products.
• Nordstrom Rack: A department store that offers some of fashion’s top names for lower prices. So what makes Macy's Different ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? History
High-end exclusive brands
Quality of visit
Active in the community ? Rowland H. Macy Did You Know? The star comes from when Rowland used the North Star to navigate his way out of a bad storm at sea Founded in 1858
New York on the corner of 14th Street and 6th Avenue
First day sales totaled $11.06 Proposed Short Term Campaign Really establishes the historic connection
One television ad wasn't enough
A historic brand helps with trust in hard times Future Ongoing Campaign "Bring the Magic of Macy's Home" relates to original "The Magic of Macy's" campaign
Brings Macy's into the community
Can do ads featuring: volunteer work
a mom bringing special gift home
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