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Stage Management


Ed Lacson

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Stage Management

says "GO" the executes the CUEING STAGE MANAGEMENT A Stage Manager calling a show
is like
A Maestro conducting an orchestra. a System to properly "call" the show must be in place Why should only one person call the show ? What do we cue ? How does the system work ? Q SM Crew CUE STANDBY READY GO BASIC COMMANDS Snap in / out Fade in / out Black out Follow Cue Cross Fade Up / Under Steal Out Pan left / right Pause / Play Fly in / out Track in / out How to properly write down cues on the script ? LQ 1 CD # 1 LQ 2 { black out radio MD # 1 VIDEO 1 dance music LQ 3 VQ: (R) puts down bag MD UNDER Tech Script Apples from the Desert Opening Scene CALLING THE CUES DURING REHEARSALS CALL THE CUES OUT DURING CUE-TO-CUE / PLOTTING OBSERVE HEAD SET ETIQUETTE We will take it from…
Actors Standby.
Ready cues…
Actors anytime.
We will jump to the next cue / Stay in place we will adjust… / There was a problem… / Relax, we are recording a cue.
Actual pace please. GUIDE SCRIPT JUST GET THE CUES OUT DURING the 1 TECH RUN Q# CUE SHEETS Action Speed Notes 1 Batten 4 Easy position 2 Fly Q Sheet Q# Action Notes 1 CD 1 #2 Fade in dog barking Sound Q Sheet Playback 5 counts -10db On B.O. DURING THE RUN MAINTAIN THE QUALITY OF THE SHOW INTERCOM THIS PRESENTATION IS PREPARED BY
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