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on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of LEED PE

Photo by Flansburg Architects
million tons of waste diverted

lower Source Energy Usage
In the top percentile in U.S
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LEED Project Experience
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Complete the Assignment
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LEED Project Experience
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This video is prepared by us (GBRI)
Apart from being an approved GBCI and AIA education provider, we don’t have any other affiliation with USGBC
USGBC owns the marks “LEED”, LEED Green Associate” and “LEED AP”
“The LEED Professional Credential exams are changing!”
Source: USGBC website. Published September 27, 2013
LEED v4 is here!
LEED Professional Credential exams to feature LEED v4 material starting June 2014
But LEED Project Experience is
in order to earn LEED AP Exam Eligibility
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More than
projects outside the U.S
LEED Project Managers:
Jessica Kubena
Jeslin Varghese
LEED Exam Instructors:
Rebecca Jaume-Brown
Craig Schiller
Countries around the world
43 LEED v4 Beta Projects outside the US
More than
LEED Project Experience Program
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Everything you need to maintain your green building credentials from one place
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I appreciate all the practical information that was presented. I very much appreciate the flexibility built into the program, and that everything is available online.

- Charlene M.
I took your LEED Project Experience Anytime Webinar in June. I took LEED AP test on AUG 2nd and passed!! I am glad I took your course and materials you provided were very helpful.

– Anushma
I just completed the 3-in-1, and it was awesome. 

- August M.
The sessions really covered all LEED aspects that we need to know and your performance was really impressive, and also the study material was very helpful. Thank you so much I really wish to thank you personally and also GBRI for its mission to assist professionals improving their skills and acquiring new knowledge.

- Ahmed M.
Good course for gaining on line experience and reasonably priced. Thank you.

– Craig E.
I gave my combined GA and LEED AP exam today and PASSED in both with scores of 191 and 185 respectively.

– Sajid
Very good course. Jeslin, our instructor was knowledgeable and helpful. Do recommend the class. Thank you!

- Brenda L.
7300 Blanco Road, San Antonio, Texas, USA
GBRI Clients & Partners
LEED projects …
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