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Boom & Bust Context & Vocab

No description

Matt Baker

on 29 October 2018

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Transcript of Boom & Bust Context & Vocab

Boom & Bust Context & Vocab
- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil
- Unit Org. Sheet

- I can define the vocab for Boom & Bust

Table of Contents
Page: Boom & Bust Organizer
Page: Boom & Bust Vocab
Page: Boom & Bust Context

Block 1
Avg: 69
Block 4
Avg: 82
Constructed Response
General Observations:
- Good use of evidence
- Writing is much improved
- Be sure to use complete sentences
- Be creative in your thinking
Boom & Bust Vocab
1. Progressivism
- Progressive
- Suffrage
- Muck Raking
- Temperance

2. Boom
- Stock Market
- Renaissance
- Laissez-Faire
- Consumerism
3. Bust
- Depression (economic)
- Recession
- Tariff
- Shantytown

4. Govt. Reform
- Intervention
- Keynesian Economics
- Direct Relief
- Socialism
Organize your notebook so you can write these down and have room for the defintions
Read & annotate the two passages.

Summarize what each person believes the government's role in the economy is in the box below the passages.
Which is which?
Which is laissez-faire? Why?

Which is Keynesian Economics? Why?

Which is closest to socialism? Why?
Laissez-Faire or Socialism?
The government lowers taxes on businesses so they have more money to invest and grow.
Laissez-Faire or Socialism?
The govt. increases taxes on businesses so schools and healthcare can be provided to the people.
Laissez-Faire or Socialism?
Laws regulating the stock market are put in place to prevent unfair practices.
Laissez-Faire or Socialism?
The govt. should minimally provide healthcare, public schools, welfare, and unemployment benefits
Frayer Models
1. Choose a word you don't know well
2. Make a frayer model
a. Definition
b. Synonym
c. Image
d. Example
3. Best gets hung, the rest recycled
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