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Career Shadowing

No description

Jazmon Parham

on 19 March 2012

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

CAREER SHADOWING Lakeland Public Library The title of the job that I career shadowed is the city Lirarian.
This pearson manages all the libraries in Lakeland and handles the budget and plans for events with the libraries
The education required would be you master's degree but not alot of education is requires
The next step in this career would be a Department head or a Ass. Department head
Teamwork The team dynamic is everyones job is importnat and if somebody doesn't do it right then there is a hole in the company
How the company emphasizes teamwork is when things work well then everything is good in the builiding Customer Service Career Development Job Responsibilities Technology Used in this Job Customer that the Library services is the greater Lakeland citizenary
This person was trained to engage with the customers and use good buissiness contact Technology used in this job is Computer Programs (Microsoft Word, Horizon, internet)
Technology make this person's job easier because the library relies mostly on technology whether it be checking out books or making deposites
The company is lacking technology with money because the library doesn't accept debit or credit, but it would make it easier for those who don't carry cash
What I learned about technology on this job is that its used everywhere whether it be aduio books or checking book in or out or maaking dposites for new books for the library This job title has been around since 1921 when he library in downtown Lakeland opened
The future of this job is to keep the library going and to make sure that the libary is still a resource for those who don't have a computer or want books
I don't see myself doing this job because doing this would not be enough for me I would want to do more things then just sitting at a desk and ordering things for the Library
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