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The Monsters of Classcraft

A Classcraft Bestiary by Gamemaster Akins

Josh Akins

on 22 December 2016

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Transcript of The Monsters of Classcraft

The Monsters of Classcraft
A Classcraft Bestiary by Gamemaster Akins
Although Dragon Academy is a safe place to discover new skills and grow your character, you will occasionally need to defend it from the MONSTERS that roam the land. During these battles, you must summon your courage and sometimes work with your team. Gamemaster Akins has collected his research on these (mostly) frightening beasts to help young Mages, Warriors, and Healers prepare.
The Keys to Victory
Although these monsters certainly seem scary, you have nothing to fear because you are a student of Dragon Academy. You are brave, powerful, and above all, smart. In fact, you've already defeated several bosses on your own! Listen to Gamemasters Akins and Metz, use your head, and you will always succeed. Go Dragons!
One last note...
Common creatures (Rareness Level: Low)
#1: The Frightened Wazler
Legendary Lifeforms (Rareness Level: Extreme)
#9: Drakan
Powerful Predators (Rareness Level: Moderate)
#4: The Winged Dragos
Strange Species (Rareness Level: High)
#7: Stone Rumbler
#2: The Purple Grumbler
#3: The Tiny Kracus
This rodent is the least intimidating and most common critter in all of Classcraft. It's a weakling, too - although it may attack anywhere from 5 to 25 times, the attacks are quite pathetic. Expect to fight off these nuisances often.
Even with its "mean face" on, the Purple Grumbler is not very scary. They are solitary creatures that attack hard at first, but quickly become frightened and flee. Be careful not to underestimate its bite, though.
The Tiny Kracus is related to more powerful species, like the Winged Dragos, but lacks the size to do any serious damage. The Kracus uses its cuteness to lower its enemy's guard, then begins to viciously peck at its victim.
#5: The Fire Stalker
#6: The Sea Raptal
Few heroes meet the Winged Dragos and live to tell the tale. That's because the Winged Dragos never attacks a group, and always singles out one character at a time. It's fast, nimble, and of course, has the ability to fly with it's dragonfly-like wings.
Pray that you never come across a Fire Stalker alone and unprepared. The beast's main strengths are its speed and its intelligence - it is believed that some Fire Stalkers are smarter than humans. Defeating one will require teamwork and special training.
There's a reason why low-level students never go swimming at the beach near Dragon Academy: the Sea Raptal can smell weakness. Like all Powerful Predators, the Sea Raptal is quick and cunning. If you are level 3 or below, beware - this creepy creature is ready to pounce.
#8: Silver Krosor
Few beasts inspire more fear than the Stone Rumbler. The monster appears to be a living mountain, with large protruding crystals and green growths on its huge body. Its attacks are extremely slow, but a single one is powerful enough to crush an entire team of Warriors, Mages, and Healers alike. Do not try to face a Stone Rumbler without proper training and guidance.
Little is known about the mysterious Silver Krosor because they are incredibly rare. Only a few have been sighted, but the fortunate survivors say that its stare fills you with a sense of dread and hopelessness. It may be related to the Winged Dragos and Tiny Kracus. It becomes enraged as it fights, making its attacks harder and harder.
Drakan is one-of-a-kind. In fact, some people believe that Drakan doesn't actually exist, that he was invented as a story to scare young children. He has been described as a winged, scaly beast, with claws sharp enough to rip metal and fiery breath hot enough to melt stone. Is Drakan a myth... or do you believe the stories?
The Classcraft Bestiary is always being updated with new research on different monsters. Check the Class Announcements for reminders of any new entries!
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