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Yettie Mendels: Holocaust Survivor

No description

Haley Marie

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Yettie Mendels: Holocaust Survivor

Bob Bobbie Siblings Bob was Yettie's husband,
and Bobbie was her son. Bob & Bobbie Yettie was married to Bob Wolf,
and she had two sisters and four brothers. Her Family Deaths Throughout her experience, Yettie lost a lot of people close to her. Yettie's Relations Yettie's Hiding Places We're not sure if she is dead, but her last public announcement was in 1987. If she is alive today, she would be 92 years old. Yettie was very brave, and she lived on for many years. Yettie met, and fell in love with Bob Wolf in 1942. Bob became an electrician, and they lived together in a small room. Bobbie was Yettie's baby boy. She gave birth to him in a hospital, after fooling the Gestapo. He was taken from her at three months old, sent to the North of Holland, and she did not see him again until he was two and a half. Yettie had four brothers, and two sisters, all from her fathers previous marriage. In his second marriage, his wife had Yettie and John. All of Yettie's siblings, died. Her husband did as well. When the Holocaust ended, all she had was Bobbie. Yettie moved to many
different places while in hiding. Yettie Mendels:
Holocaust Survivor Yettie was born in 1921,
and when she went into hiding,
she was 23. Amsterdam Ghetto While living with Bob, she was in the Amsterdam ghetto. But soon, she fled. Bob was to leave the day after her, but a raid happened after she left, and he was taken to Westerbork concentration camp. Hauge After the raid, she moved into her sisters friend Corrie's parents' house, where her brother John was. But when there was no more room she had to leave. Live-In Maid Yettie became a live in maid, and one day while cleaning she came across evidence that told her the house she was living in, belonged to Nazis. Hospital Yettie began working at the hospital that she gave birth to Bobbie in as a nurse. She lived there with another couple. This was her last hiding place. By Haley Whitmer & Kolby Greenstreet
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