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Marie Martin

this is a presentation of the ursuline nun Marie martin

Kerrick Vincent

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Marie Martin

marie martin was a ursuline nun that came to canada and wanted to set up churches around canada. Marie Martin where marie martin was born in tours france in 1599 on the day of the 28th of october.marie martin came to canada on her own after her
husband died and then she joined the nuns (ursiline
nuns) she also taught at schools while in canada. What she had one son just before her husbands death. she had no job so she left her son with her family when she became a nun. knowing that she might never see him again. her life was like any normal persons before she became a nun but when she became a nun she had to teach at school and become faithfull to her church and be loyal to what she had offerd to do. when marie martin was married to claude martin until he died and she became a widow and then carried on with her life elsewhere. why her object in life was to raise her sun the
best she could. after her husband died
her object was to find work then she came upon the ursiline nuns. who HOW she died of old age in 1672
when she was 73 in canda after she retired out of the ursuline nun hood. After she died her sun became a munk to follow in her foot steps
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