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Your Applying to College "Family"

No description

Erin Breese

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of Your Applying to College "Family"

Your Applying to College "Family"
The Parent's Role:
This Fall
do not ride this ride...
Your College Counselor's Role
Parent's Continued
College counseling website offers many resources
Write comprehensive letters of recommendation for each student
Meet individually with all seniors (courses, testing, visits)
Submit Secondary School Report forms, transcripts, profiles, and letters of recommendation
Check-in with your child weekly regarding app. process
Need-based aid application (FAFSA, and sometimes CSS Profile) - Profile available 10/1/18; FAFSA available 10/1/18
*want an estimate now? check out net price calculators and finaid.org*
Reminder: you're not the one applying to college :)
Your College Counselor's Role: Continued
January: Submit mid-year transcripts
Student Role
Sept/Oct: Schedule Mtng. with Coll. Counselor
Register for Fall Testing; Send scores to colleges
Chart Application Deadlines
Add colleges to Naviance: "colleges I'm applying to"
Provide feedback on essays and applications
Welcome 100+ college reps to campus
Help each student create balanced list of colleges and inform about various application plans (EA, ED, and Rolling)
Spring: Navigate admiss. and enrollment decisions
Complete Applications
Parent Questionnaire - Family Connection
College Counseling Meetings throughout the year
Communicate with College Admission Offices
Complete Green Forms for College Visits
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