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The Dark is Rising

No description

Halee Robinson

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of The Dark is Rising

The Dark is Rising
Part 1: The Finding
- chapter 1: Midwinter's Eve
- chapter 2: Midwinter day
- chapter 3: The Sign Seeker
- chapter 4: The Walker on the Old Way
Part 2: The Learning
- chapter 5: Christmas Eve
- chapter 6: The Book of Gramarye
- chapter 7: Betrayal
- chapter 8: Christmas Day
Part 3: The Testing
- chapter 9: The Coming of the Cold
- chapter 10: The Hawk in the Dark
- chapter 11: The King of Fire and Water
- chapter 12: The Hunt Rides
- chapter 13: The Joining of the Signs
ch 1: Midwinter's Eve
ch 2: Midwinter day
ch 3: The Sign Seeker
ch 4: The Walker on the Old Way
ch 5: Christmas Eve
ch 6: The Book of Gramrye
ch 7: Betrayal
ch 8: Christmas Day
ch 9: The Coming of the Cold
ch 10: The Hawk in the Dark
ch 11: The King of Fire and Water
ch 12: The Hunt Rides
ch 13: The joining of the Signs
- it is December 21st
- When Will and James go to check on the rabbits, they were acting very weird
- Will saw a homeless man on the road (the Walker)
- There is a big snow storm
- Will has gotten the medallion(the first sign) from Mr. Dawson
- When Will woke up he saw that Huntercombe Lane was gone
- Will went outside and met John Smith and the black smith helping a man with his horse (The Rider)
- When the Rider found Will the white horse saved him
- Will found a rook feather on the ground
- Will walked up to the wooden doors of The Great Hall
- Will met Merriman and the Old Lady
- In The Great Hall the room was in a different dimension
- Will found out that he can put images in people's minds
- Will then continued to learn about his powers
- Merriman spoke to Will and told him how to find the signs
- Will went Christmas shopping to find presents for his siblings
- On his way home he decided to test his powers and burn a big branch
- Then The Walker came up and Will told him to give him the second sign, the Walker gave Will the second sign of bronze
- Then Maggie Barnes comes and Will finds out she is from the Dark
- Merriman comes to help fight Maggie
- Will decorates the house with holly
- He then finds a box full of wooden letters and he finds out that he had another brother named Tom
- Then Will and his siblings went caroling
- When caroling Miss Greythorne lets them in the manor
- Then Merriman leads Will down the hallway to the past while Will's family is frozen in time
- Will, Merriman and the Old Lady all go into a library
- Miss Greythorne said that the 3rd sign was remade and in a different time
- They said it was located in a mantle above a fireplace with flowers on it
- Will then meets Hawkin, he traveled time from the 13th century to 1875
- When Will and Merriman try to get The Book of Gramrye it hurts Hawkin
- As Will is reading the book it seems that time is standing still
- Will finds out that Old Ones are indestructible, but can be bruised
- At the manor Will sees Maggie Barnes talking to Hawkin trying to convince him that Merriman doesn't care
- The book has a spell over it that involves Hawkin
- Will then finds the 3rd sign of wood by the fireplace
- On Christmas morning Will got a present from his brother Steven it was a sign from the Old Ones
- Then the Rider shows up at Will's house to drop off a present from Mr. Stanton to Mrs. Stanton
- The Rider said his name was Mr. Motothin, then Will had a conversation with the Rider while every one else was frozen
- When Will and his family went to church all of the Old Ones were there too
- Will then found the 4th sign in the church
- The Dark is now sending a terrible snow storm
- Will, Robin, and Mr. Stanton all go shopping and they meet Merriman he said to go to the manor because it is safer there
- On Will's way home he saw the Walker in the snow and brought him back to his house
- Merriman said to bring the Walker to the manor but the Walker is refusing, they eventually get him to come
- Will finds out that the Walker is Hawkin and has gotten power from the Rider
- Merriman gave Hawkin another chance to come back to the Light but he said no
- Merriman tells the Dark to leave but it refuses
- Instead of the Dark leaving it made the storm even worse
- When Will was in the manor he found the sign of fire
- Once Will found the sign of fire it started to rain which melted the snow
- Wills brother Paul was very confused on how the weather changed so quickly
- While it was raining Paul and Will were separated then Old George came on a white horse and found Will
- When Will and Old George were on there way back to the manor Will saw stuff from his house in the water
- Will then finds out that the Dark has his sister Mary
- Then Will found the last sign, it was the sign of water
- When Will got off the white horse at a oak tree Old George said he could not go any farther
- Will remembered that the Book of Gramarye said that magic doesn't work in water
- Then Hawkin died because he gave the sign of bronze up to Will
- Merriman said the Dark was gone now because Hawkin died
- In Will's time Hawkin's grave would have been there for 600 years
- When Will was joining the signs all of the Other Old ones were there
- Will considers all of the Old Ones his family
- Will got a present from Miss Greythorne, it was a hunting horn
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