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Happy Nappers vs Squinkies

Who will win the battle?!

Alyssa Savas

on 4 January 2011

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Transcript of Happy Nappers vs Squinkies

Happy Nappers vs Squinkies vs The Squinkies start strong attacking
with their bubbles of doom! BUT...... The Happy Nappers have a great comeback with their magical houses. The Squinkies don't stand a chance. OR DO THEY..... The Squinkies have a whole army and are attacking the Happy Nappers! They don't consider "Fail" a word. All the lovely Happy Nappers were peacefully sitting in
their bungalows when there was a knock at the door. Princess Unicorn stood up and opened the door hoping it was someone
to boil in her soup. She didn't see anyone. She closed the door.
Then the doorbell rang. Lovebug got up and opened the door to see
if there was really anyone there. She felt a prick at her foot and looked down. She saw a Squinkie trying to set her foot on fire. Lovebug yelped. "Evil Dog, helpppppp! Come take the Squinkie to your doghouse of doom and kill it." And the battle began. + = Pure Evil But the Happy Nappers have the Pillow Pets on their side! No need to fear! The Squinkies have turned into trolls and are crushing the Happy Nappers to pieces! The Happy Nappers surrender. But didn't we all know that the Squinkies would win? Gooooo Squinkies!
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