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"O" Event

Blood Donation Campaign and Festival

Mohamed El Asfahani

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of "O" Event

"O" Blood Donation Campaign Donate to all other blood types, but accepts blood only from itself, so it is a universal donor. The most generous and giving blood type Event's Vision: To be done once a year in September to be a brand for the idea and concept to be fulfilled Great number of Egyptians assembling in ONE place for ONE day to donate blood for the need of their Egyptian brothers and sisters The Day's Value: "The Egyptian blood donation's day" That day's slogan is "just giving" it embraces the giving concept without waiting for a return Why "O" ? Who can donate blood?
Most of people who are generally in good health
Age 17 to 65
Weigh at least 50kg
You can give blood every 4 months Why we need Blood?
Carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body
Carries waste to be eliminated from the body. Give Blood Give Life You Only Donate 500 ml from YOUR 6 Liters of Blood Blood donation (blood bank cars available the whole time for donors)
Express yourself activity
Blood donation lottery and prizes
Micro employment fair
Booths for FBF and sponsors
Efficient control and Guard service agencies
Infection control team On Stage Plan: Date and location:

Date: July
Location: Al-Jazeera youth club OR Al-Azhar Park Out of the stage “on ground: VIP Motivational Speakers' speeches during the event including:
Dr. Hussien Sabri
Dr, Ahmed Hanafy
"FBF Egypt club president"
Mrs. Soheer Abdelader
Amr Khaled
Hanan Tork
Bassem Youssif
Mohamed Sobhy
FBF leaders Activities During the Event's Schedule: D.j "playing only songs following FBF's criteria"
Rap "Fekr Ekhtylaf group"
Watching a short movie about blood donation
Lottery and prizes for 3 blood donators
Event's super star: Hamza Namera Finally, Egyptian's Blood Donation's Day is mainly an event made once a year to enhance the concept or idea of giving among Egyptians, and donating blood is like offering a part of your body for the needs of the others, and that is the maximum level of giving we could think of.

"O" event will promote the idea of donating blood as well as balancing the blood deficiency in the health institutes in EGYPT.

For our beloved EGYPT to develop; we have to learn to give it from our time and effort without expecting or waiting for a return, and this event is one of the most effective ways to embrace and spread out this idea. Conclusion Referenced by: http://www.bloodbank-egypt.com/
Car accidents
Sickle Cell
Premature birth
Hemophilia Reasons for Blood Transfusion How safe is blood donation?

It is proven to be a healthy habit that helps blood renewal.
You donate only 7.5% of your blood volume, and it is
compensated in a short period of time.
The blood donor is subjected to quick but effective tests before initiating the process that indicate if it is safe for the donor to continue the blood donation process or not. You will receive the results confidentially or if you want they can be mailed to you.
Enhance the concept and idea of giving among people
Contribution to the community by donating blood which will help in saving lives of thousands of patients.
Increase the awareness of people regarding the importance of blood donation in Egypt.
The donors will receive their blood test results within two weeks of the donation.
It is proven that blood donation helps the renewal of blood in the human body which is very beneficial our health. Benefits of the event: People interested in this contribution will be donating blood under the supervision of the Ministry of Health that has confirmed that the blood donation will be totally safe and healthy and all related information will be treated in a very secure and confidential manner. Media coverage: 1. First Egyptian satellite channel
2. Al Yom Channel "Al Kahera Al Yom program"
3. MBC1
4. ON TV
5. Al Hayah
6. Dream
7. Al Mehwar
8. Al Nahar Radio Channels 1. Radio Masr
2. Nogom FM
3. EL Barnameg EL Aam TV Channels: Press & Newspapers 1. Al Ahram
2. Al Gomhoreya
3. Al Yom Al Sabe'
4. Al Masry Al Yom
5. Al Watan
6. AL Horeya W Al Adala
7. Ado Press
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