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C156 - Welcome to Class

Introductory walk-through of the C156 course

Shannon Hawkins

on 9 September 2016

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Transcript of C156 - Welcome to Class

C156/WTT2 Cohorts

Course Tips
Learning Community
WTT2 Task

Student Resources
Course Tips:

WTT Task Overview
Engage in the C156 online community


The Nursing Informatics Course Mentor Team

From the Desk of

C156 Cohort Information:

Enroll in the
Course Overview and Q&A Cohort

if just getting started in the course and trying
to navigate your way through most efficiently. Once you've
enrolled you will recieve the 21 & Done document and other helpful tips to get you on your way!

Explore Cohort Offerings
in the course of study menu
to enroll in a cohort today!

Enroll for the
Assessment Overview and Q&A Cohort
you have completed the C156 course of study. Not only will
you receive the 21 & Done document but this live event will
help walk you through each aspect of both the Task 1 and
Task 2 rubrics and directions.

Review the rubric, ensuring you have addressed all elements under the
Value 4.00
Keep in mind that students in C156 are assigned one of three performance assessments. Please only read the FAQ and other support resources that apply to your assigned assessment. If you have questions about what you are assigned, please check your welcome email or contact your Course Mentor.

WGU Writing Center
WGU Student Success Center
The learning community can be found directly within the C156 Course of Study

Review the Course Announcements and Course Tips

Read the Course Chatter
Feel free to create or reply to a post

Use the Course Search tool to find additional course materials
Hint: use a keyword search such as FAQ, Meaningful Use, video, informatics, project, EHR, etc.

Tip #1
Watch the C156 Intro Video
(Click the Play button)

Tip #2
Complete the Acrobatiq modules and all other content in the C156 course of study. The concepts covered in the COS will help to develop your tasks.

Printing the rubric and keeping it close while you work through the course of study is recommended.
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