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Ninth Ward

Based on a true story

Julia Leonardi

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Ninth Ward

Ninth Ward
About the book
The book Ninth Ward is a book based on a true story, during the time of the hurricane Katrina, a hurricane that destroyed many cities, leaving many people homeless. This book was written by Jewell Parker Rhodes.
About the Author
The author of the Ninth Ward is Jewell Parker Rhodes. She was born in Manchester, Pittsburgh. She has written 5 novels. The book the Ninth Ward was published in 2009, in many countries, like Germany, Turkey, Italy, Canada and the United Kingdom.
What is the Ninth Ward?
The Ninth Ward is the name of a town in New Orleans, Louisiana, The state below see level. The Ninth Ward is a town built right beside the levees, the walls that were built to keep New Orleans from flooding. People who are poor and cannot afford a house uptown live down in the Ninth Ward.
about the book
Lanesha, a 12 year old girl from the Ninth ward who lived with mama ya-ya, the lady who took care of her after her mother died and her rich family who lived uptown abandoned her. Then hurricane Katrina was coming and they called a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans. All of Lanesha's friends went to the superdome to stay during the hurricane, but mama ya-ya didn't have a car, so they had to stay in there old, small house, hoping the hurricane will not destroy the house and that the levees will not be destroyed.
Why I would Recommend this book
I would recommend this book because it is always exciting and just when you think it is over it gets very scary and dangerous.i would recommend this book to people 11 years old and older. I found it exciting because it tells about the hurricane from the perspective of the people inside the hurricane.
" The world can be a hard place sometimes.... you have to have heart. You have to be strong. Parents want there children to grow up to be strong. Not just any strong, but loving strong." -Mama ya-ya
This book reminds me of the book shooting Kabul because they both are 12 and had to survive in a disaster that accually happened in real life
I choose this passage because this is what mama ya-ya said to lanesha when they got stuck inside the eye of the hurricane
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