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MIS-HD Rent-a-Car

mis project

Jeongrim Byeon

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of MIS-HD Rent-a-Car

Brief Introduction 1 MS-Acess 2 XL Sim 3 XL Miner Conclusion THANK YOU! : ) 0701396 Jeonghee Jo
0701441 Yunjung Hur
0702047 Eunjoo Seo
0785068 Jeongrim Byeon
IES11049 Florian Rémi Teste HD's CEO wants to increase revenue
by promoting deluxe cars Table Query Table Relationship We should promote Deluxe cars
for customers who rented
van or midsize car before! Data mart for Classification Tree Data mart for Association rule Association rule Team Members Then the revenue will increase,
and HD will become the biggest rent-a-car company in the world :-) Compact(소형)
Deluxe(고급차) HD is Korea's No.1
rent-a-car company Classification Tree
-Full Tree Best-Pruned Tree
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