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No description

Patricio Villar

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of MAFALDA

MAFALDA Mafalda Principal character
Was born in Argentina
Eight years old
Hates war
Hates soup What is it? Cartoon
Created by Quino FATHER Mother Guille Felipe Manolito Susanita Miguelito Works at an insurance company
Doesn´t understand the advances
Seeks moderation in household spending
Works at the house
Went to college
Is a good piano player Mafalda`s younger brother
Has about 2 to 3 years
It´s very childish
Calls his parents room "the used section" One year bigger than the others
Dreamer, timid, lazy and clueless
Can´t focus when he is doing his homework
Loves to read "el llanero solitario"
Likes to listen The Beatles, and play chess
HATES SCHOOL Only thinks in money and business
Very silly
Dreams on having a store called "Manolo´s"
Hates The Beatles

It´s very chatty, gossip, and discriminative
Loves fassion
Wants to be a housewife
Is in love with Felipe
Likes to play to be the mom with Mafalda
Wants to be mother more than other thing in the world
It´s the youngest of the group
Thinks even more than Felipe
Supports Mussolini THE END Libertad
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