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Korean Flood Myth

No description

Mary Grace Mancuso

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Korean Flood Myth

Come from all over the Korean Peninsula
From a blend of Korean Shaministic religion, Buddhist, Chinese myths, Confucian and Taoist legends and myths
all kinds of myths
Namu Doryeong myth
Korean Myth Background
A dude was born to a fairy and a laurel tree
Fairy left boy for heaven when he was seven
Ants floated by asking for help
Boy let them on tree
Mosquitoes flew by wanting help
Boy let them on tree
Another boy drifted by needing help
boy let him on tree
Tree came to rest on top of mountain
Bugs thanked him
The Rescue
Boys went to a house because they were hungry
Everyone else had perished
Was a lady that had two daughters
Her own and a foster- child
Wanted to marry her own off to the cleverer one
The House in the Middle of Nowhere
Background Info
Story Time
How Mankind Came To Be After The Flood
What the Koreans think happened
Korean Flood Myth
The Flood
Rains came for many months
Boy rode on the laurel tree
Waves be like this
Boy be like this
Get On
The Marriage Test
Gave two boys a test
Whoever can gather grain from sand the fastest
The ants helped the dude who helped them
The other boy saw and snitched on the other
The lady let the boys marry by chance
put the two girls in completely dark rooms
the guys pick which room
the mosquito came and told the son who helped him which room
The son of the tree married woman's daughter
The other married the foster-child
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