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Les Miserables

Historical Movie review

Sharisse Singh

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Les Miserables

Continuation Historical Movie Review Les Miserables Movie Trailer Les Miserables Characters Setting Paris, France 19 Century Major Character Historical Events The French Revoution
Storming the Bastille
The Reign of Terror
The Rule Of Napoelan setting This movie was shot in various locations such as Greenwich,London, winchester and Portsmouth in Hampshire, England as well as gourdon in france. After weeks of rehearsal the production of les miserable began a 12 week shoot with a reduced unit in Gourdon in the south of France. The production designer Eve Stewart believed that it would be important spiritually that they shoot in France. When they were done shooting in France they returned to England. The locations in England provided the cast and crew with a tour of the landmark and historical sites in the U.k. Portsmouth is a historic dockyard in the south of England which is where the audience was first introduced to jean Valjean and the other convicts and Javert gave him his ticket to leave, is a world class tourist destination and working naval base that welcomes approximately 500,000 visitors a year. It is also where the legendary HMS victory is moored. This gave the producer the biblical backdrop needed for the opening of the scene. continuation Costumes Paco Delgado who is the costume designer of les miserable drew his inspirations from artist who worked around that period of time. He worked closely with the production designer for him to be able to create distinct look for each character. What they wore is a reflection of their life situation for example the main character Jean Val jean starts off as a convict in the movie therefore he wore rough cloths. Then little by little he began to dress more sophisticated with less textures and more fine material. Whereas Javert transformed from lighter colours to dark colours Nevertheless when the Fantine was introduced to the audience in the factory she was dressed in neat cloths but as her situation changed she is slowly degraded into filthiness. To make her look thinner paco Delgado used clingy fabrics and air brushed the sides of her costumes with darker colours. When we first meet Cosette she was dressed in raggedy cloths like a maid whereas Eponine was dressed in nice cloths to express their situations. But ten years later their situation changed, when Cossette began to wear nice cloths rather than eponine. Anyone who pays close attention to the costume worn by these characters would realize that the design team made the costumes in the colours of the French flag. First Scene Costume Video Images Jean ValJean Javert Fantine Cosette Maruis Pontmercy Continuation Monseur/MadameThenadier Enjorias Gavroche
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