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Chris Kardosh

on 18 July 2011

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Transcript of Example

Innovating With Cloud Computing What is Cloud Computing? It is having secure access to applications and data stored on a server from a network device. Data... ...is undefined-- as are it's limitations. Why can't patients' medical history, or Electronic Health Records (EHR), be uploaded to the cloud? Real time patient history for real time decisions A Primary Care Physician (PCP), Emergency Room Doctor, Pharmacist, or an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), equipped with any network device (I-Pad, Tablet, Laptop, cell phone) would have real time patient medical history to aid in evidence based decisions. Such as the decision to prescribe a patient a new drug... A cloud application would list all the drugs a patient is currently prescribed, known allergens, family history, etc. To the cloud! An expensive problem in healthcare right now is unnecessary hospital stays "Unnecessary hospital stays are costly to patients and the healthcare system as a whole, resulting in an estimated $30 billion in annual waste."

- Andy Slavitt, CEO OptumInsight "Doctors who are responsible for discharging patients tell us that they often will not release a patient from a hospital even when they are likely ready to go home if their primary care physician has not been made aware of, or scheduled a follow up appointment." Why the unnecessary stays? Communication! EHR and the Cloud will make communication a snap... When a person enters the hospital, using the Cloud, their PCP would be notified immediately and would be prompted to schedule a follow up appointment. This could be done right from their iPhone or laptop; reducing unnecessary hosital stays. Replacing manual processes with electronic medical records and innovative uses of technology can decrease errors, increase access (through lower costs), and save lives. "Medical errors cause up to 98,000 deaths each year in the United States."

- Institute of Medicine Increasing safety So how are we going to pay for all of this? Implementing EHR in the Cloud will be expensive and ambitious, but the benefits to the healthcare system are sure to outweigh the costs as well as save lives...

But there are ways to pay for this! American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Supplemental Healthcare Exhibit Pt. 3 Includes $19 billion dollars in funding and incentives for the development, adoption, and upgrade of Health Information Technology

Physicians, who are "meaningful users" will receive cash payment incentives

Penalties will be enforced for those physicians who don't adopt an EHR by 2015 New regulation will allow UnitedHealthcare to add Health Information Technology (HIT) expenses to medical expenses for purposes of calculating the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Reduce rebates without reducing premiums! In the long run, EHR and the cloud will pay for itself! Reduction of medical costs, e.g. less medical errors, increased efficiency and safety, coupled with the financial incentives already in place and Moore's law (cost of technology decreases over time) the decision to fully support EHR and Cloud implementation is a no-brainer! Keeping your information safe Information security is an ongoing issue in the electronic world.

The upmost care will need to be taken to ensure everyone's medical information stays safe. When we combine what is possible with what is desirable and what is viable... When you combine innovation with the power to connect the world... Technology! Now that's Innovation! Now that's The Cloud Now that's Angela Bidinger
Chanese Charlton
Kellan Dahlquist
Michelle Davis
Brandon Guderian
Christopher Kardosh
Ashley Lane
Matthew Schroeder
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