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"Blink" Timeline

A timeline based on the Doctor Who episode "Blink." The episode is about a woman named Sally Sparrow that encounters an alien race called the Weeping Angels and she must help the Doctor, who is stuck in 1969, get his TARDIS back.

Catherine Ballard

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of "Blink" Timeline

1969 2007 2008 Sally Sparrow arrives at the house on Wester Drumlins and discovers a message on the wall written to her from the Doctor in 1969. 2007 2007 Sally receives letter from an older Kathy. At the same time, Kathy is sent back to 1920 by the Weeping Angels. Sally finds and takes the TARDIS key. 2007 Sally arrives at the DVD store and watches part of the Doctor's Easter Egg. Lawrence gives her a list of the 17 DVDs that contain the Easter Egg. 2007 Sally arrives at the police station and meets D.I. Billy Shipton who shows her the TARDIS. Sally gives Billy her phone number and then leaves. 2007 The Weeping Angels surrounding the TARDIS send Billy back in time to 1969. 2007 Sally goes back to try the key in the TARDIS and finds it gone. Sally then receives a phone call from an older Billy. 2007 Sally arrives at the hospital. Billy gives her a message from the Doctor that says to look at the list. He dies shortly after. 2007 Sally discovers the DVDs on the list are all the DVDs that she owns and that the Easter Egg is meant for her. She calls Lawrence to tell him. 2007 Sally meets Lawrence at the house to watch the Easter Egg. Lawrence writes the transcript for it. The Doctor tells them to send the TARDIS back to him. 2007 The Weeping Angels come after Sally and Lawrence. Sally and Lawrence use the key to get inside the TARDIS and send it back to the Doctor. The Weeping Angels are trapped looking at each other forever. 2008 Sally spots the Doctor and Martha, stops them, and then gives them the transcript. Unknown The Weeping Angels take the TARDIS key and send the Doctor and Martha back in time to 1969. 1969 The Doctor and Martha arrive. 1969 The Doctor writes the message on the wall of the Wester Drumlins' house for Sally. 1969 Billy arrives and meets the Doctor and Martha. The Doctor tells Billy that he needs to give a message to Sally. 1969 The Doctor, Martha, and Billy film the Easter Egg using the transcript that will be written by Lawrence in 2007. 1969-2007 Billy gets into DVD publishing and puts the Easter Egg on the 17 DVDs that Sally will own. 1920 December 5, 1920 Kathy arrives in Hull 1969 The TARDIS arrives "Blink" Timeline by Catherine Ballard = time travel Reference: “Blink.” Doctor Who. BBC One. 9 June 2007. Television. February 7, 1987 Kathy writes a letter and gives it to her grandson who is then to it give to Sally in 2007.
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