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Why do businesses set aims and objectives?

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Hannah Young

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Why do businesses set aims and objectives?

Why do businesses set
aims and objectives By Hannah Young Why do businesses
set objectives? Aims Why do businesses set aims? *To keep the business on track

*To get a loan for the bank

*To guarantee the employess know what they need to achieve

*To maintain rhythm in the work forces To remind employees
of specific orders or jobs To maintain the
momentum of the workplace. To keep the business
thriving! Example aims Be nationally known

Summer 2013 sales to be up 20% Example Objectives Create a new womens summer clothing line at achievable prices Get a meeting with US marketers in 2 weeks SMART OBJECTIVES
Specific – you need a clear statement about what you will do.

Measurable – recording your process and keeping records.

Achievable – you can attain your target if you work hard.

Realistic – your target should be sensible.

Time–constrained – every objective should include a date for achievement.
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