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ASU Career Services

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Internships

reflection working for pay during weekends and evenings
use work-week time to conduct an unpaid internship an internship is a learning experience
and experience is invaluable, without it
you run the risk of limiting your career success. academic department web sites prefer high touch over high tech: recruiters see when looking to hire. "I will take
any internship!" a short-term, hands-on, supervised work experience with a professional organization related to your career interests OR major
more than a part-time job or volunteer position, an internship includes intentional learning objectives
either paid or unpaid; credit- or non-credit- bearing "No man can succeed in a line of
endeavor which he does not like." Job Web sites represent less than 5% of successful job searches READ MORE The Anti - Monster Job Search other benefits "I view my education as an investment. Interning is one of the most surefire ways to protect and nurture my investment. I’ve gained experience, insight, and expanded my professional network. In this job market, it’s the closest thing you can get to a guarantee on your investment."
-Napoleon Hill 77% of employers prefer
to hire college graduates
with relevant work experience. -NACE Job Outlook 2010 the internship advantage: -Amanda, AZ DOA HR Intern and ASU student. learning opportunity paid (or not) "internship" short-term degree is a minimum requirement
secure future references
possibly improved starting salary
find a job
possible academic credit finding an internship requires work...
define career goals
target organizations of interest
prepare for the competition Major Possibilities 1. business
2. nonprofit,
3. government identify your long-term
career objectives develop new skills gain confidence shortened job search supplement grades really narrow the field research organizations with
products and services that interest you "I have no idea
what I really want to do." finding an internship surveys show that most employers (76%) report having fewer than 10 interns each year and most intern employers report
that interested students find them consider employer size… so they don’t spend much time advertising or searching for interns ASU internship resources informational interviews and job shadowing great reasons to contact professionals employers Internships 101 The Career Development Process means self assessment what are your interests, values, skills, talents? Use self assessment criteria to analyze fit. research conduct informational interviews and internships reality testing major, activities,
connections, job search. implement decision faculty and internship coordinators ASU Community Service Program international internships Sun Devil
Network more 3 types of organizations hire students your major is only part of the bigger picture regardless of their major: through ASU’s Center for Global Education Services and EUSA nonprofit internships department will require a job description and learning objectives (employer is likely to take the experience more seriously) the advantages of earning credit required possible networking opportunities with other interns enroll in 1 less class Have a go-to advisor personal meaning and learning and other assignments may lead to increased $ finding a paid internship depends on
several factors, including:
the type of organizations
the type of career you seek
market conditions (supply and demand) paid vs. unpaid internships remember... strategies to manage the monetary challenges
of taking an internship position: intern in the summer explore options with current employer most internships are part-time, requiring only 10-20 hours a week organizations seek interns and
college graduates who demonstrate:
strong writing skills
strong work ethic
evidence of interview preparation
realistic expectations & develop a productive,
meaningful internship experience. Sun Devil CareerLink asu.edu/career career services resources individual career advising on-campus recruiting and interviewing career fairs and mixers asu.edu/careerguide featuring more than 2,000+ internships a year Contact your ASU Career Services Office: experience the internship advantage… Downtown Phoenix Campus: 602.496.1213 Polytechnic Campus: 480.727.1411 Tempe Campus: 480.965.2350 West Campus: 602.543.8124
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