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MacBook Air Rollout Days 2016

No description

Brenda Moll

on 8 September 2017

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Transcript of MacBook Air Rollout Days 2016

MacBook Air oll-out
October/November 2016
Revere Local School District

2016-2019 Strategic Plan
Goal Areas:

Financial Stewardship
Technology Integration and Infrastructure
Student Well-being and Safety
Communication, Collaboration & Partnerships
Future Ready
District Technology Plan
Gear 1: Curriculum, Technology, and Assessment

Gear 2: Use of Space and Time

Gear 3: Robust Infrastructure

Gear 4: Data and Privacy

Gear 5: Community Partnerships

Gear 6: Personalized Professional Learning

Gear 7: Budget and Resources

Gear 8: Across the Gears: Collaborative Leadership
MacBook Air Usage
Agreement Highlights
Responsible Use Policy

We are completing an upgrade to the school’s Wifi

Bandwidth will be reduced until project is complete

Expected completion 11/21

WIFI Update
The MacBook Air is the property of Revere Local Schools

It is intended for educational use

Usage is a privilege

Supports the learning environment

MacBook Air Policies:
Bring your charged MacBook Air to school every day
Don’t share it with others
Treat it as if it were your own

MacBook Air Policies:
Monitor students at home

Read and follow the guidelines in the Acceptable Use Policies

Know your student’s passwords and Apple ID

Have them show you what they are doing in class

MacBook Air:
Theft Protection
Keep your MacBook Air under your control at all times

Don’t leave it in a car or on top of your locker

You could be liable for loss

MacBook Air devices are locked and data is erased when reported missing

Once declared lost and locked, the MacBook Air is not usable until it is returned to school

Stay Safe Online
Be careful about what you share

Once something is posted, it may be permanently available to the world

Safeguard your passwords

Use a strong password
Keeping your MacBook Air Safe
Keep it under YOUR control

Keep the ports clean

Keep it away from water

Keep the glass protected

NEVER rest anything on the keyboard

The MacBook Air is made of glass, if dropped, it can break

MacBook Airs have a slick surface, grip it carefully

Don’t leave it where the temperature gets cold or hot (over 95° or under 32° for long periods of time)

Protect it from liquids or high humidity

MacBook Air Repair/Replacement
If the student follows the standard of care outlined in the MacBook Air Handbook and an accident occurs, the District will cover the cost to repair or replace the device.

However, if it is deemed that the device was damaged due to negligence, outside of normal wear and tear, it will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the student to repair or replace the damaged device.
Getting your MacBook Air
Go to station 2 (auxiliary gym), drop off signed agreements & pick up your MacBook

Go to station 3 (hallway), pick up your case, cords and ID Labels

Got to station 4 (cafeteria), students will start up and log into MacBook

Help Desk will be in Room 144

Insurance Options
Option 1:
Parents may opt to have their current policy for home/rental property coverage carry the device or obtain an insurance rider through their insurance agent; or

Option 2:
Parents may use Safeware, an insurance company specializing in electronic device coverage. Safeware offers both full coverage and accidental damage coverage for a small premium.

Go Tribe!
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