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Dream vacation

No description

r t

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Dream vacation

Dream Vacation North America
Toronto, Canada
longitude-79’ W
latitude-43’ N
Miles to Rome-3,200
Population-33.5 million
Attraction-CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, Toronto Zoo, Ontario Science Centre, and Rogers Centre
Landforms- Lake Ontario/lakeshore, Oak Ridges Moraine, Rouge River Valley, Hogback. Europe
latitude-11’ N
longitude-12’ E
Miles to Paris-500
Attraction-spectacular fountains, Colosseum, and the Vatican
Landforms- Apennine Mountains, Palatine, Capitoline and Aventine Hills, The Tiber River, Po River Valley, Mount Vesuvius Europe
Paris, France
latitude-48’ N
longitude-2’ E
Miles to Cairo-1,350
Attraction- Eiffel Tower,Notre dame,and the louvre.
Landforms-Paris Basin, Seine Valley,and Urban Landforms. Africa
Cairo, Egypt
latitude-30’ N
longitude-31’ E
Miles to Tokyo-4,375
Population- 9,120,350
Attraction-The great pyramid of Giza,The Egyptian Museum,The Sphinx,And The Solar Boat Museum.
Landforms- Nile River, Mokattam Mountain (limestone), and The Gebel Ahmar sands (sandstone) Australia
Sydney, Australia
latitude-34’ S
longitude-151’ E
Miles to Rio de Janeiro-5,850
Population- 4.5 million
Attraction-Sydney Opera House, the Manly Ferry,Royal Botanic Gardens,And the
Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Landforms-The Sydney Bowen Basin, The Blue Mountains and The Three Sisters. California
Hollywood,Los Angeles
latitude-35’ N
longitude-118’ W
Population-38 million people
Attraction- Universal Studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood sign, And the Hollywood boulevard
Landforms-Hollywood Hills. Asia
Tokyo, Japan
latitude-35’ N
longitude-39’ E
Miles to Sydney-2,600
Population-Almost nine million
Attraction-National Science Museum,Nezu Museum,Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden,And Bridgestone Museum of Art.
Landforms-The Izu Islands, Mount Fuji, Sakurajima, Tokyo Bay. South America
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
latitude-22’ S
longitude-43’ W
Miles to Hollywood-3,350
Population-6 Million
Attraction-Sugar Loaf Mountain, Corcovado, Sitio Roberto Burle Marx, And the Cristo Redentor.
Landforms-Guanabara Bay,And Sugar Loaf Mountain. By Rachael Tyner That was my Dream Vacation :) Thank You!!!!!! 3,200 miles to Rome 500 Miles To Paris 1350 Miles To Cairo 4375 Miles To Tokyo 2600 Miles To Sydney 5850 Miles To Rio de Janeiro 3350 Miles To Hollywood
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