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No description

Ines Sena Esteves

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of STEVE JOBS

Early Life

Introduced to Wozniak

attending University of Michigan

They immediately clicked

They had many common interests

Jobs enrolled to Reed College

dropped out of school 18 months later
Professional Career until creating Apple
In 74 took a job at "Atari" went India to find
spiritual guidance

from Apple
The next products from Apple suffered design flaws

Another company (IBM) surpassed Apple

Apple released the Macintosh (it wasn't enough to beat IBM)

Executives thought that Jobs was hurting the company

In 1985 Jobs resigned from the company he had created
Jobs created NeXT, Inc

He purchased an animation company

Later become Pixar

Produced popular films (Toy Story, The Incredibles)

In 1997, Apple bought NeXT and
Jobs returned to be its CEO
Puts Aplle back on track

Early Life
Born on February 24

Biological parents: Joanne Schiebel and Abdulfattah Jandali

Adoptive parents: Clara and Paul Jobs

Lived frustrated with formal schooling

Jobs tested so well that administrators wanted him to skip ahead to high school

His parents declined
accountant machinist
started Apple with Wozniak
at his parents garage (76)
released Apple's
first computer
1980 Apple became a publicly trade company with market value $1.2 billion on its first day
Pancreatic Cancer
Discovered his disease

Opted for pescovegetarian diet and postponed his surgery for nine months

One year later he took the surgery

Jobs always disclosed little about his health

Later Innovations
In 2008, ITunes became the second biggest music retailer

Ranked nº1 on "America's Most Admired Companies
When he was 23 he had a child
Got married at 1991
Had three children
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