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Daiana Sharaf

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of England

By: Kaycee, Toni,
Daiana, and Tori

Economic Function
Political Economics
Government Involvement
General Facts
England is the most populated country in the UK. The other countries that make up the UK are Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.
The British television show "Doctor Who" has been on air since 1962. It's 50th anniversary was on November 23, 2013.
The Queen sent her first email in 1976.
Big Ben, fish and chips, telephone boxes, and the Union Jack are all famous symbols of England.
Exports and Imports?
Manufactured goods, Fuels, Chemicals, Food, Beverages, Tobacco
Machinery, Fuels, Apparel, Foodstuffs, Electronics, Automobiles
Population is..?

6.23 million 2012
Currency used for exchange?

British Pounds (BP) & Pence

What is their
? And

Per Capita
$2.435 trillion

Constitutional monarchy and a parliament
We learned just how different England is from the U.S. The social standards alone are varied. Our economy, government, and politics are diverse to say the least.
Education is free from the ages 5-16
Social care is defined as provision of social work, personal care, education, protection and social support
Something that was surprising was how different the value of their currency is from our U.S currency. The tax rate was also very surprising compared to our country.

Gov. Involvement?
Prime Minister
appoints cabinet
resolves issues
dismiss cabinet members
distributes costs to Gov. members
Type of Economy?
Political philosophy?
Political characteristics?

How do they answer?
the businesses
By businesses but the government has a say in it
For Whom?
The consumers

The Queen
head of state
head of the armed forces
head of the Church of England
in charge of the duties of the government
represent the nation in events
Social services provided?
Education: Free or cost? From what level?
-Percentage of goods
produced have decreased from 50% to 12-15%. Goods produced include: Medications. electrical appliances, cars, and nuclear parts.
Number of political parties such as The English Democratic Party, The Green Party, The Liberal Democrats, and etc.
16 Commonwealth Realms (Canada, UK, Jamaica, etc.)
- Coal, Petroleum, Iron, and Lead


elects a prime minister- Highest legislative authority in the UK.
In Charge:
- 72.1% of all people are employed. 7.1% are unemployed.In more industrial cities, more graduates are obtaining jobs. Popular jobs range depending on what part of the country you live in.
examining and approving new laws
checking gov work
Tax Rate?
National Debt?
Income Level?
26,500 pounds or $43952.90
The overall national debt of England for 2013 is 1.16 trillion pounds or $1,923,976,000,000.00

*up to and including 64= 8,105 pounds or $13,442.95
•*65-74= 10,500 pounds or $17,415.30
•*75+= 10,660 pounds or $17,680.68

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