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Dynamic Presentations for Students and Teachers

A variety of fun and easy presentation tools and how to incorporate into the classroom.

Shaundel Krumheuer

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Dynamic Presentations for Students and Teachers

Dynamic Presentations
for Students and Teachers Kate Cordes
Shaundel Krumheuer Google Presentation Empressr Prezi Animoto Slide Rocket Questions? "The Zooming Presentation"
Takes viewers through an idea journey
Import PowerPoint slides ("Prezify"), video, sounds, links
Dynamic presentations--between whiteboards and slides
There's an (iPad) app for that (viewing)
Work offline & save to desktop Easily create dynamic movies
Import images, video, & add (minimal) text
Music & transitions
Facebook signin
iPad app...create!!!
Share: download, YouTube Thank you! Easily create linear presentations
Embed video (YouTube)
Add URL links
Saves automatically
Relies on internet connection (even with Drive) Create, manage and share rich media presentations online
Upload video, images, & audio
Embed presentations into websites
Insert other presentations
Online storage
Publish presentations
Import media library to use Sample: http://www.empressr.com/empressrflx/Empressr_Viewer.aspx?token=CAg6vlqlnEM= Sample: http://prezi.com/8qtoydtsnrtl/causes-of-wwii-the-great-depression/ Sample Videos:


http://animoto.com/play/0Mdwh2eylPrRQyphUoLAmg Final Thoughts... Create new shows without software
OR import (and edit!) existing presentations
Easily adapts to PowerPoint themes
Publish presentations
Embed videos & YouTube clips
Compatible with Google Drive
iPad app for presentations TKM Sample:
http://portal.sliderocket.com/CCHRZ/TKMB-Intro prep before process (purpose/timeline)
brainstorming Classroom Applications
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