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school project

language arts

Ava Acree

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of school project

AVA'S ALPHABET!!!!!! MRS.McCAMMON'S CLASS A is for Amber Amber is my best friend in 63.
We do everything together and I don't know what I would do with out my bestie!
She is always there for me when I am feeling sad and I will be there for her when she needs me.
This summer Amber and I went to Austin,Texas and went to the state capitol!!!
Amber and I are looking forward to a great school year even though we are not in the same LC. B IS FOR BEACH I love the beach so much!!!!!
My family and I go every summer and we absoutley love it!
We stay on orange beach Alabama in the Turquoise Condos.
We go with our neigbors Gracie and Tanner Flynn and there parents Mr.Tj and Mrs.Dana
Some day when I am older I want to buy a house on orange beach! That's how much I love it! C IS FOR CAT! I love cats they are one of my favorite animals!
I have 2 cats Laylah and Happy (my brother named happy).
I had a cat named Slash (my brother also named her) ,but she died from Merca:(.
That's when Happy came in and she looks just like Slash.
And after that I was absoutley attached to cats ^..^. <--Me and Slash <--Laylah
<--Me and Happy D IS FOR DANCE! I love to dance I do it every week 2 or 3 times a week!
I started dance when I was around 2 and I have loved it ever since.
When I dance it makes me happy and nothing can change me at that moment when I am dancing.
I love it so much and if I did not dance I do not know what I would do!!
The best part is I am always with my friend at dance and my school friends come to my competions!! <---Me with no dance make up. <--Me with dance make up. E IS FOR ENERGY! I am always full of energy!!!
At times it may not seam like it but I definitely am!
I love to run and jump and scream all the time!
I get excited over things that are not worth being excited over!
If I could I would probably be screaming right now! F IS FOR FRIENDS! I love my friends so much.
I dont know what I would do without my friends!
Most of my friends are at school but I have friends at dance too.
Lauren,Amanda,Solei,Mila, and Jessica are my friends in class.
I have my friends over ALL the time and I love hanging out with them! G IS FOR GOD! God is a huge part of my life!
I go to church EVERY Sunday!
I go to the Woodlands United Methodist, so do alot of people at our school.
Also every summer I go to a church camp with my friends to learn even more about god!
I absoutley love god and do not know what I would do with out him! H IS FOR HUNGER GAMES! I love the hunger games!
It is and always will be my favorite book/movie!
I finished the series and I am still tempted to read it again!
Katniss is my favorite charcter next to Peeta and Prim.
If you haven't read the Hunger Games you need to read it now!!! I IS FOR IPHONE 4s! I have the iPhone 4s.
I absoutley LOVE it and use it every single day!
Also alot of my friends have it or they at least have some type of apple product!
I have had my iPhone scence December and I have not cracked it, although I have gotten water in it and had to get it fixed for 140$, but now its all good.
Also the iPhone 5 is coming out soon and I cant wait to get that! J IS FOR JEWELERY! I love jewelery!
Jewelery is one of my favorite accessories!
I have a gold ring with a real diamond and ruby that has been passed down in my family for years!
My favorite jewel is a emerald because it is my birth stone!
I love jewelery and ALWAYS will! K IS FOR KIT-KAT! I love Kit-kats they are my favorite candy!
A Kit-kat has chocolate on the out side and some time of cookie on the inside.
My favorite part is the chocolate with out a doubt!
I also like them because they are easy to share and break apart!
I seriously don't know what what I would do with out them!:p L IS FOR LAUGHTER! I love to laugh!
If you know me you know I love to laugh and how I laugh!
Everyone tells me my laugh is like a machine gun...it kinda is though!
I laugh at like every thing,I have a great scence of humor!
When I laugh it makes other people laugh! M IS FOR MICHAEL JACKSON! Michael was the king of pop!
He was an awesome man with an amazing voice!
When he passed away me and my family were in Hollywood, and got a picture of his Hollywood star the day before he died!
Me and my friend Lauren were devistated because we loved him so much! :(
I love Michael jackson he will always be one of my favorite stars! N IS FOR NIKE! Nike is my favoriote shoe brand for tennis shoes!
I have 6 pairs of tennis shoes from Nike!
Also my mom literally has 20 pairs of tennis shoes from Nike!
I also really like Nike's clothes.
I don't know what I would do with out Nike! O IS FOR OCTOBER October is my favorite month.
I just love the weather and Halloween!
Also every October we go to Virginia and go an awesome roller coaster park called Busch Gardens!
Another reason October is my favorite month is because it is my moms birthday!
I also love all the pretty colors of the trees! P IS FOR PHOTOGRAPHY! I love photography.
Photography is one of my favorite things to do!
I not only take pictures from my iPhone but I also take pictures with one of those big bulky cameras!
I mostly take pictures of nature.
Here are some pics I like (not mine)! Q IS FOR QUIZ! I hate quizes!
Every week we have quizes!
I always study but I just wish we didnt have all these quizes!
All the time quiz,quiz,quiz!!!
I could live without quizes. R IS FOR ROLLERCOASTERS! Rollercoasters are awesome!
I just love the thrill when your falling forward!
I love huge rollercoasters because you never know how your going to feel as your falling.
The biggest roller coaster i've ever been on is "The Griffin" its huge!
I love rollercoasters I dont know what I would do without them! S IS FOR SOPHIE! Sophie is my little spoiled mutt!
She is 13 but still as hyper as ever!
She never loses energy she is always running around!
She is grey with a black stripe down her back.
My family loves her so much and she is a huge part of our life! T IS FOR TEXAN! I love Texas<3!
Even though I was not born in Texas I still consider my self one!
There are so many things to do here I don't know why any body would want to leave!
Also another thing I love about Texas is the weather, I love the heat in the summer and the coolness of the winter!
I absolutely love living in Texas! U IS FOR UNDERWATER VIDEOS I love underwater videos!
During the summer I took them all the time!
I got a case on my phone called a life proof case and I used to always take videos on that.
Also my brother has a gopro and we use that to take videos with.
Underwater videos are awesome!
V IS FOR VOLLEYBALL! Volley ball is so fun!
I don't play volleyball competitively but I play it for fun and with my friends!
I wanted to play volleyball competitively but I have dance so I just play it for fun!
Volleyball has lots of exercising involved in it too!
I love volleyball! W IS FOR WINNING! Winning is awesome!
Since I do dance I am very competitive and love to win!
When you win it just makes you fell like you accomplished something great!
I love getting trophies and medals at dance competitions!
And that is why I love to win! X IS FOR XYLOPHONE! Xylophones are so fun!
At my house we actually have one!
It is very fun to play with!
I always love learning new songs and getting better at it!
Also we have a piano so what ever I learn on the piano I can play on the xylophone!!! Y IS FOR Y.O.L.O.! I hate Y.O.L.O.!
Y.O.L.O. is an annoying saying meaning you only live once which is not even true because Jesus lived twice!
Every body says it and I don't even get how its catchy!
Y.O.L.O. is my least favorite word ever!
And that is why I hate Y.O.L.O.!!! Z IS FOR ZORKIE! Zorkie is my spoiled chihuahua.
He is very hyper and loving!
Zorkie was my grandma's dog but then she passed away and we took Zorkie into our home.
Zorkie is an short haired half rat terrior half chihuahua,but he looks mostly like an chihuahua so that's what we call him.
We love Zorkie so much!!
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