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Graduate attributes

No description

Samir Ababsa

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Graduate attributes

Graduate attributes Presented by Emraj Miah,
Jean-Pierre Mutombo,
Saoud Abdullah
Ade Ibrahim
Samir Ababsa
Amelia Claudia Creative thinking Learn continuously in a
changing world Project and time management Critical judgement Wider context Networking and negotiating The capacity for attentive exchange An understanding of risks The ability to articulate Research capacity Information expertise Clarity of communication Use of multiple languages Grasp principles and practices Apply different forms of communication in various social professional and cultural settings We can use technology to access and
interpret information effectively The ability to be articulate, both orally and in writing, to lay and specialist audiences Informed persuasive argument Carrying out a task while being aware of the risks whether it be uncertainty failure or success Demonstrating an ability to establish business connections and come to a mutually beneficial agreement Ensuring that the participants stay focused on the project and meeting deadlines To objectively assess a piece of work as well as the overall project direction Understanding the social, ethical and commercial context which they operate. Use communication technology competently
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