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DeMario Mack

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Nexus

Nexus distribution is a third party logistics provider specializing in client specific solutions
For over 28 years, Nexus Distribution Corporation had been a leader in the third party logistics industry
Nexus provides its clients with powerful logistics solutions involving people, technology, and location services since 1980 Nexus Distribution Services:

Transportation Service- as a transportation service you want to make sure that all your goods arrive securely in a timely manner.

Warehousing Services- as a warehousing service they offer flexible space at a variable cost which can expand or contract based on your exact business needs.

Logistic Services- as a logistics service they offer a variety of services to enhance customers warehousing and transportation programs including: kitting and final assembley, labeling, poly bagging, shrink-wrapping, and pick/pack services. Tarket Markets Nexus measures its success by regularly assessing customer's satisfaction by calls, business development, and annual business reviews. Current News/Events Goal: Future Direction Transportation Services Warehousing Services Nexus goal to their customers is “the right order, on time, real time, and every time.” Nexus has been named a top 100 Logistics Provider for 2009 by Inbound Logistics Magazine (sixth year in a row). Nexus expands into 1 million square feet in Chicago, gaining exclusive access to the Chicago Land Bridge.
As Nexus moves forward they will undoubtedly begin expanding to other areas of the country. Expect to continue to see them expand to new markets as well as innovate new ways to increase customer service and overall efficiency. Expediting:
Emergency loads are standard procedure at Nexus. In addition to their own fleet of trucks, they manage a group of core carriers to cover customer surge shipping lanes and optimize carrier availability for cost and service. They never say, “It can’t be done.”

Warehouse Locations

Chicago, IL
Atlanta, GA
Allentown, PA Nexus has several warehousing services that are available to clients.
Public Warehousing- offer flexible space at a variable cost
Contract Warehousing- for customized distribution program
Cross Docking- produce savings on freight and help warehousing costs
Technology- enhance their supply chain and provide visibility of your inventory
Pick/Pack- breaking down pallets and shipping individual cases to fulfill oreders
Inventory Control- regular cycle counts and best class processes
Order Fulfillment- the right order, on time, real time, everytime.
Logistics Services Advantages of Nexus THE END Value-added services- programs including kitting, assembly, labeling, polybagging, shrink wrapping, and pick/pack services
Site Selection- aid customers in selecting a strategically place warehouse site that is optimal
Rate Assessment- can cut cost out of your transportation program
Inventory Management- insures a quantifiable inventory accuracy of 99.9%
Vendor Management- offers assistance in managing load planning activities and carrier performance
Freight Management- comprised of hand-selected carriers who have formed strong partnerships with Nexus
Track and Trace- trace services of all modes, including TL, LTL, intermodal, rail and international shipments
•Allowing flexibility to expand and contract inventory levels
•Enhance technology and supply chain visibility
•Improved customer service offerings
•Allows companies to focus on core competencies
•Lower or eliminate capital expenditures associated with equipment and facilities
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