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Jasmin boucher

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Cheerleading

!Maths Challenge!

For our maths challenge we chose to do cheer leading and chose our own task. We made up our own questions and tried to answer some. Some we could not find out and some we could. Alot of them were really hard to find out but we know alot from our experience with cheerleading. Also we are doing a quiz at the end so make sure you listen!
1. How many 8s in a 2:30 routine ?
There are 44 eights in a routine. we said chose eights because in a cheerleading routine we use counting in eights so we know what to do at the same time.Cheerleading has alsorts of music in and has sound effects of alsorts
How high are our Jumps ?
Lilly 1.13m
Jasmin 1.2
Chelsea 98cm
Yasmyn 60cm
Alisha 45cm
Mariane 40cm
How high can a flyer get tossed ?

The highest toss is 5.70 this was broken by an Australian team and group stunt
example of a toss
How many rules are there in cheerleading?
overall there are 570 rules in cheerleading but
every level has an amount of rules and here are some of them....

level 1
49 rules
level 2
68 rules
level 3
89 rules
level 4.2
93 rules
level 4
51 rules
level 5 youth
level 5 senior
level 5
level 6
68 rules
66 rules
68 rules
69 rules
570 rules
How big is a cheer leading floor
Length 12.8
Width 3.5
google images

cheerleading video
How many 8s in a 2.30 routine ?
How high are lilly's jumps ?
how wide is a cheerleading floor?
how long is a cheerleading floor?
How many rules are the in cheerleading?
How high is the highest toss
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