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Welcome to RNAO Home Office

learn more about what your association does for you

Neil Halper

on 15 May 2012

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Transcript of Welcome to RNAO Home Office

Welcome to Home Office Provides financial supports and money saving programs
Celebrates nursing with recognition and awards
Proudly represents RNs
Speaks out for Health, Speaks out for Nursing
International involvement in nursing
Clinical Resources
Professional Development
Interest Groups
Legal and Liability Protections and LAP What RNAO does for you Financial Supports The Nursing Education Initiative (MOHLTC) of $1,500 is administered by RNAO.
RNAO's Education Guide is available free to members, $20 for non-members.
Various interest group scholarships through the Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario
Permanent Education Fund Loans available up to $2,000. Money Saving Programs 40% off conference and workshop registration fees
subscription to the Registered Nurse Journal and the Canadian Nurse, which are both a resource and route for nurses to be heard and get published
Discounted group rates on home and auto insurance as well as life, extended health, and long term disability insurance
Access to free e-learning courses like "Critical Appraisal of Research"
Free access to NurseONE, the Canadian Nurse Portal, a $60 value. Recognition and Awards RNAO’s Recognition Awards are available to recognize a range of accomplishments in different areas of practice.
Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario offers some scholarships available only to RNAO members
Membership offers a variety of leadership opportunities, from attending meetings, acting as a Nurse Ambassador, being a a stakeholder reviewer, or acting as a voting delegate at the AGM. Clinical Resources RNAO offers two important supports for your practice:
Canadian Nurses Protective Society liability protection
Legal Assistance Program Legal & Liability Protections Canadian Nurses Protective Society liability protection (CNPS)
National, not for profit liability protection
$1,000,000 per incident, to a maximum of $3,000,000
For nurses, by nurses
Provides protection for civil lawsuits, being sued, and successfully defended criminal charges.
Details at www.cnps.ca
Available to all RNAO RN members automatically The Legal Assistance Program also provides legal support for your nursing practice.
Typical LAP cases include:
employment issues
Participating in inquests or inquiries as a witness
Disciplinary investigations and/or hearings at the College of Nurses of Ontario
Optional – to be eligible, sign up for $64.57 Proudly Representing RNs The award winning Registered Nurse Journal showcases the range of nursing practice and life.
Proactive communications campaigns that show the public and policymakers who nurses are.
Active involvement with the media to ensure RNs are represented fairly and accurately.
As a member, show off your pride in your profession with an RN lapel pin Speaking out for Health RNAO speaks out on many policies that affect nurses and their clients, including:
advocating for poverty reduction, including supporting the special diet allowance for healthy eating and other social determinants of health
Pushing for the end of coal-fired electricity by 2012
Asking for government to increase Ontario’s RN workforce by an additional 9,000 nurses
To support our nurses, we are asking for MOHLTC to develop a mid-career nursing strategy and commit to expansion of the Late Career Nurse Initiative. Speaking out for Nursing Have your say on where the profession is going
Feel good about making a difference – from the bedside to the boardroom
be connected to nurses from around the world through national and international councils Welcome! Nurses are flocking to join RNAO! Nursing Best Practice Guidelines are constantly in development and under revision.
These bring together nursing research for the best in evidence based practice.
These guidelines are translated and used all over the world.
Best Practice Spotlight Organizations highlight the implementation of guidelines. Professional Development RNAO offers packed schedule of conferences and workshops for you to get involved
Advocacy gets results:
MOHLTC funding projects include the $1,500/year Nursing Education Initiative
Projects available to all RNs are a result of RNAO’s emphasis on professional nursing practice. International Involvement RNAO membership includes membership in the Canadian Nurses Association and the International Council of Nurses. National and international representation means members have access to:
CNA's magazine the Canadian Nurse
NurseOne website
Discounts on CNA Certification program Interest Groups RNAO interest groups are focused on particular areas of nursing practice.

A variety of groups enable members to make their voice heard in specific areas of nursing practice. Liability Protection RNAO membership is for everyone Legal Assistance Program
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