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Lesson 18: Script Writing

No description

Jeff Boyet

on 1 December 2017

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Transcript of Lesson 18: Script Writing

Script Writing
Good News

Proud of you

Bipity Bipity Bop

Learning Targets

Word "O" the day

The illumination of the stage
by means of artificial light.
Making a plot Diagram
Name that movie!

I will read the plot of the movie and you tell me the title.
What is plot:

A.The action in the story
B. The greatest point of tension
C. The beginning of a story
D. The end/conclusion of a story
E. The resolve

Spaceman and Cowboy introduced
as rivals become best friends
to one big child.
Toy Story
Evil Space Lord reveals to the hero
that he is his father.
Giant shark terrorizes a family beach
The greatest wizard of all time saves his world.
Harry Potter
Unsinkable ship hits iceberg

Tornado sends young girl to
The Wizard of Oz
Draw from the action word hat and the subject word hat
to create a sample plot.
Create your own plot
Information that is offered to readers to help them understand the plot, characters, or setting in the story.
Rising Action:
A series of events that build up and create tension and suspense.
Climax is the point of greatest
tension and the turning point in the
The falling action is the sequence of
events that follow the climax and end
in the resolution.
Resolution is the part of the stories plot line in which the problem is resolved
Rising Action
Create your own plot diagram
Question of the Day
Journal Time
Can you recall a time that you created
or wrote a story?

What was the creation process like?
What do you think a writers process
is like?
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