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on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Artemis

The Beginning of Artemis' Role
Artemis was born one day before her twin brother Apollo. It is also said that she helped her mother deliver Apollo the very day after she was born. Helping her mother with her delivery started her role as guardian over pregnant women and young children. She is also the goddess of wilderness.
Other Myths
Other Characters
Destructive god
Artemis' twin brother
Born the day after Artemis
One of Artemis' nymphs
Gave birth to Arcas
Got turned into a bear by Artemis
Got shot by Artemis
Guy out hunting-saw Artemis and her nymphs bathing. Artemis saw him ogling at them so she turned him into a stag. She then set his own hounds after him to chase down and kill him. They did not realize it was their master.

Myth #1
A few cases have said that Apollo and Artemis have actually become husband and wife at one point in time.

Myth #2
Artemis and Apollo had absolutely no resemblance at all. They didn’t do any of the same things and they looked nothing alike.

Lessons Learned

Try something new; you might end up liking it and become a big part of it.

Example: Artemis helped deliver her brother for the first time and ended up taking care of young children and pregnant women ever since.

Lesson #1
Lesson #2

Being a virgin isn’t a bad thing or something to be disappointed about.

Example: Artemis is one of three virgin goddesses and is still happy and loves life.

Lesson #3

Always be willing to help somebody out.

Example: Artemis helped her mother deliver her brother even though she had just been born the day before.

Lesson #4

Even if you’re a good person and do a lot of good things, you still have bad things about you. Everyone has some type of horrible things within them--even if they are the best person in the world.

Example: Artemis takes care of young children and pregnant women, but she also brings sudden death while giving birth and also spreads diseases.


Artemis dips the tips of her spears in poison.
Even though she takes care of pregnant women, she brings sudden death to them while giving birth

Interesting Facts
One of three virgin goddesses
Goddess of wilderness
Caretaker of pregnant women and young children
Greek god of the sky
King of the gods
His father is Cronus
His brothers are Poseidon and Hades
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