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Grimm's Fairytales

No description

Chloe Gallello

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Grimm's Fairytales

Grimm's Fairytales
*{Rapunzel} Rapunzel was described as a very delicate, gentle, beautiful girl who had absolutely no knowledge on her real parents and what had happened in her past. The story of Rapunzel contributed to this book as another princess story, in a way, and as a more majestical story than all of the rest.

*{The Fisherman and His Wife} The Fisherman was an honest man that didn't like to ask people for favors. Now, his wife, however, loves asking people for things and is a greedy little soul, she always wants more than what she can take. This tale contributes to the book as a lesson to people to take what they have for granted and never ask for more than you can take.

Most of these conflicts within these tales are Man Vs. Man interactions, some are Man Vs. Supernatural. Rumpelstiltskin was an example of Man Vs. Man. The daughter of a lying miller was to to spin wheat into gold, and she had to get help from this short guy, he wanted her child, she had the child, forgot about the man. When he came back, he wanted her to guess his name in order to keep the child, so he gave her 3 days to guess, and on the third day a soldier came back with his name, she kept the baby and Rumple was mad. It was important to the story to show that singing about your name can give everything away (and it shows that not all bargains are reasonable)
Plot {The 12 Dancing Princesses}
{Main Characters}
*The 12 dancing princesses
*The king
*The poor soldiers

*The castle
*The secret world the princesses travel to

Rise in Action
:12 sisters live in the same room in a castle. There doors are locked every night and are watched, but every morning, the princesses' shoes are found worn through. The king wants to know where they are going so he hires an old soldier to solve this mystery.
The general setting of the Grimm's Fairytales that I read were in a mystical forest, or near a forest, which the authors do not tell us where the forest is, probably in the Land of Fairytales. Also, many of the stories took place in a very poor or small village placed in the olden days.
Dark majestic places where trees grow big, wolves tread on their land and Goldilocks breaks into your house.
*{Briar Rose} Briar Rose, a.k.a. Princess Aurora, was known as a very pretty young lady that had a bright future, but she had no clue of what happened when she was born, the curse the evil witch put on her was never mentioned to her. This story contributes to the book by telling us that fate can not be dodged, can not be hidden from.

*{Hansel and Gretel} Hansel was a smart, young little boy, and had a twin, Gretel, that tended to eavesdrop quite a lot to conversations that she was not supposed to part of. Gretel was also very smart and came up with the plans to escape the woods that their stepmother was forcing them into. This story contributed to the book by telling us that kids are able to outsmart and outwit, sometimes, the plans of adults.
: Where the soldier slips in the trap door with the princesses and follows them throughout their nightly dance and takes little pieces of evidence from the secret place.

Fall in Action
: The soldier continues to follow them for 2 more nights and the king asks where his daughters went or else he shall die.

: The soldier tells the king where his princesses have been. The princesses tell that he speaks the truth. The soldier marries the eldest daughter.
The theme of Grimm's Fairytales is loyalty. In everyone of the stories there is a lesson, mostly pertaining to loyalty.Like in Hansel and Gretel, if the children's father wasn't loyal to his wife, then they would've starved. In Jorinda and Jorindel, if Jorindel wasn't loyal to Jorinda, then she would've been a bird locked away forever.
About the author{s}
Jacob {1785-1863} and Wilhelm {1786-1859} Grimm were cultural reasearchers, linguists, authors, and more. They are one of the most-famous storytellers, mostly of folk tales. They popularized Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Repunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White and more. Their first collection of folklore, "
Children's and Household Tales
" a.k.a. Grimm's Fairytales, was published in 1812. My opinion on this collection of folklore is that it is very interesting but engaging. I believe that all of the stories are magical in their own way; they all have a magical feature that makes they special. I personally like all of the stories because they all teach a lesson that is used in human nature, and I think that is why it is a classic book.
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