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Why the Tortoise's Shell Is Not Smooth

By Daniel H. and Chuk O.

Dan Han

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Why the Tortoise's Shell Is Not Smooth

Why the Tortoise's Shell is Not Smooth
by: Chuk Onyiuke and Daniel Han
Why The Tortoise's Shell Is Not Smooth
Character Traits
MLA Format Work Cited
Character Traits:
The Tortoise is very greedy. He ate all of the food and kept it for himself. The story states "You will have to wait for me to finish eating before you get your share". The Tortoise says this to the Birds. The Birds were very patient when they were waiting for the Tortoise to eat. They were also rude to the Tortoise by telling him that he didn't belong in the party. The story states "No, you can’t come with us". The Parrot was very generous. He listened to the Tortoise when he told him to tell the Tortoise's wife to bring out all of the soft things. The story states "He wanted to send a message to his wife but none of the birds would take the message. Parrot, who was the most angry and the last to take his feather from Tortoise, agreed to send the message.
Genre: Folk Tale
Characters are usually flat, simple, and straight forward.
Plots are generally shorter and more simplistic.
Themes in folktales are quite simple, but serious and powerful.
Most folktales have a place where animals talk. Folktale Settings remove the tale from the real world.
Folktales also show a variety of speech,culture and value from different parts of the world.
Work Cited (MLA) NoodleTools.com
Works Cited
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"Why the Tortoise’s Shell is not Smooth." ssctc. ssctc, n.d. Web. 11 June 2015. <http://www.ssctc.org.uk/elearning/langd/tortoisestory.htm>.

Author: Chinua Achebe
Chinua Achebe was a very well known Nigerian novelist and poet. He was born as Albert Chinualumogu Achebe on November 16, 1930 in the Igbo town of Ogidi on the eastern side of Nigeria. He wrote many famous history books such as "Things Fall Apart". Chinua won many awards for writing his books.
He died on March 21,2013
There was once a tortoise that had been well trusted by
the birds. The birds gave the tortoise feathers to fly. The tortoise was invited to a party to eat in the sky. He flew up and ate everything. All the food was gone. The birds got mad at the tortoise and took away his feathers. The tortoise couldn't get back down from the sky. So he told his wife to bring all of the soft items as a landing site. The tortoise jumped down and his shell broke apart. There was a medicine man nearby who fixed the tortoise's shell. *
The theme was that if you are too greedy, you can become a fool of yourself.*
The Tortoise is the main character of the story.
He is a protagonist. The Tortoise is a protagonist because he was nice and happy in the beginning of the story, but towards the end, he becomes greedy.
The Birds were protagonists as well. They trusted the Tortoise to give him the feathers to fly, but at the end they learned that the Tortoise shouldn't be trusted. Last, the Parrot was an antagonist. He set the message to the Tortoise's wife to bring out all of the soft items and stack them.
The Tortoise meets
the birds.
The Tortoise eats all of the food.
The birds trust the Tortoise so he receives feathers to fly to the sky banquet.
The Tortoise flew to the sky party.
The Tortoise eats all of the food and the birds get mad at him.
The Tortoise's wings has been taken away.
He told the Parrot to ask his wife to bring out all of the soft items..
He breaks his shell
into pieces.
The Tortoise
doesn't have
More About the Theme.
The main theme is "Don't be too greedy or you will make a fool of yourself."

This means that you shouldn't take anything for granted and you are not eligible to be a rapacious character.
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