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Merging Innovation with Style

No description

Mariah Baynes

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Merging Innovation with Style

Merging Innovation with Style
BY: Mariah Baynes & Sean Wimbush
Seat cooler adjusts to the body's preferred temperature when push to start is activated
Special customer perks to add new upgrades to seat
Free seat customization
The mission of Cool H’Whip Is to give people the luxury of entering an already chilled vehicle as opposed to being victim to unfortunate happenings like being burned by the seatbelt and hot leather seats.
Tired of this..
Or feeling like this..
The goal of “Cool H'Whip” is ultimately to have every BMW equipped with this enhancement. In addition to the ultimate goal of the company, we aspire to get influence other companies to purchase our enhancement to their vehicle as well.
Targeting Our Audience
The Target audience this product, does not change from the target market that BMW has already set into place which is the ages 25-45. BMW seeks to obtain a customer base of the young and progressive adults (out of college and working) to the middle aged and successful (comfortable with a family)
Directional ad
Informational ad
Persuasive ad
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