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Research is Ceremony

No description

Jean Church

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Research is Ceremony

Indigenous Epistemology
Indigenous Ontology
Research is Ceremony
Indigenous Research Methods
by Shawn Wilson

Creating an Indigenous Research Paradigm
Western research is rooted in western beliefs
Need to decolonize research methods
Indigenous people need to decide their own research agendas
Ethics and Morals
The Criterion for an Indigenous Research Paradigm
Subjective and Relational
Understanding that science and culture are interrelated
"The notion that empirical evidence is sounder than cultural knowledge
permeates western thought
and alienates many
Indigenous scholars" (p. 58).
Developing respectful, reciprocal relationships
Interrelated and interdependent
As Indigenous academics "we start to feel removed from our relationships and our relational accountability when we are always having to deal with white academics, the white system of academia and get taken further and further from our community and our intuitive way of doing things" (p. 104).
The way we view reality
Room for multiple realities
Reality is a relationship with truth
Reality is relationships
Balanced relationships
Knowledge is relational
How we know reality
Relationship with Ideas
Indigenous Axiology
Relational accountability
Fulfilling a role and obligations in a research relationship
How we go about gaining knowledge
Indigenous Methodolgy
Building more relationships
Awareness of Relationships
Relationship with
Relationship with
Relationship with
Relationship with
Relationship with
Relationship with
"Research doesn't have to be formal. It is a ceremony for improving your relationship with an idea" (p.110).
Relational Accountability
Doing research with, not on
Focus on positive findings
"If knowledge is formed in relationship, it can't be owned" (p.114).
Research Outcomes
Obtaining permission to share research ideas
Not breaking relationships, but building them together
Use of Metaphors
"A metaphor, because it describes a relationship, is just as "real" as whatever it stands for" (p.124).
"We could not be without being in relationship with everything that surrounds us and is within us...our reality, our ontology is the relationships" (p.76).
"The idea belongs to the cosmos, to all the relations it has formed, not to the individual who happens to be the first to write about it" (p.114).
"The strength of your bonds with the community is an equally valued component of your work" (p.81).
"There should be no need for us to constantly justify, validate, or change our work in order to fit foreign research paradigms... Research is a ceremony, and so is life" (p.127, p128).
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