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Tecumseh's Curse

No description

J'Shaun Jones

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Tecumseh's Curse

Tecumsehs Curse By: J'Shaun Jones Tecumseh's Curse can be known as the Curse Of Tippecanoe.

The cusre is known to happen on presidents.

The cusre started at William Henry Harrison; the president that was elected in the year of 1840.

John F Kennedy was elected in the year of 1960 and was shot later on that election year

The Curse happens almost every other 20 years.

It wont happen in the year of 2012 it will happen in the of 2015.

When you hear stuff from Abraham Lincoln and other presidents that has been Assasinated or shot then think of the curse that is still happenong today. The next president that has had something go bad was George W. Bush. who was elected in 2000. He was shot att but unharmed and survived. The pther known president Abraham Lincoln who was elected in the year of 1860 was assasinated and died April 15, 1865 The curse was first noticed in the book Ripley's Believe It or Not
The book was published in the year of 1931
The book started with death of William Henry Harrison
The name ''Curse of Tippecanoe'' was deprived from a battle in 1811. www.wikipedia.org/ites Used Cites http://www.google.com/
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