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No description

Pabs Castanheda

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of EntrepenuershiP................................

Social Entrepreneurism -- A Story of
Opportunity in Guatemala's Business Community


Final Destination
Make sure you can always measure your resources involved, such as; time, money , people involved, agreements.
It takes time to build your KNOW HOW and credibility.

Be open to new possibilities.
But the main thing..........
Are everywhere worldwide . Believe they are there and focus.
Always have a good business plan to approach them.
Take your time!
Be open to learn new BUSINESS TRENDS!


Such a powerful topic ..........but how do you make it a

Look for Innovations. There are no crazy ideas
Innovations will turn in to Economic productive goods. Think outside the box and your frontiers.
Where are we at?
So far this has been a 1 year process.
For the past 3 months we have been putting the entire legal and business process to be ready between Cleatskins and the possible distributors in Brasil.
Not bad for watching TV in an easy going afternoon right?

Cheers with a great cup of
Kafes Guatemala coffee. But at the end............
I'm working to sponsor the Brasilian team with Cleatskins.
In November 2013 I'm attending www.soccerex.com up in RIO DE JANEIRO, that is the biggest soccer worldwide conference .
Meeting to open
several markets in
Brasil for the entire distribution for distribution of
Cleatskins .
Also going to
venture to open
new markets and

We live in a world that is about being reliable, productive, higher numbers..........MORE MORE MORE.-
But trust is tied up with being HONORABLE. Are you willing to let go a business cause you will affect people, family or most important your name?

Ask yourself.................what defines me?
Be AUTHENTIC, be part of something bigger than yourself.
Build your trust!
Can I put my idea to the test with others?
Have friends with the same values and believes and share your ideas with them.
Am I willing to loose anything during the process?
Besides $$$ what else am I gaining?
Am I willing to learn from others and change anything?
Am I willing to be discipline in the entire process?
Important questions
Start with small projects.
Make sure to deliver good results
Do I have a clear concept of BUILDING MY NAME?

Your most important asset is not money!
Take some time......
What are my core values?
What moves me?
Is it Just $$$$?
How many of you like to watch TV after a long day?
My new journey
Most important................
Be Authentic!!!!
Muchas Gracias
Got a phonecall yesterday from
Soccerex England that led to;
Potential meetings with Soccer club presidents and teams.
Making strategic alliances for
worldwide distribution, NOT only

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