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Gloucestershire Music Makers - ACE Presentation

Building a strong organisation

Mark Harmer

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Gloucestershire Music Makers - ACE Presentation

responding to needs and opportunities
Our roots
current work
Building on diverse experience
Creating a dynamic organisation
Developing music
A legacy of community music organisations
Individual reputation as practitioners / musicians
Including the excluded
Take 5 - GlosMM organisational development plan
Expertise in technology
Working with all ages
Leading local / regional / national programmes
Planning for a strong future
supporting artist / practitioners to deliver results
inspiring schools to sing
innovating early years practice
practitioners and artists
engaging with excluded young people
researching and evaluating
using sustainable funding models
delivering training and CPD
sharing excellent practice
excluded young people,
saving ongoing financial
and social cost
Devising web / printed resources to help parents make music in the county
Creating and managing
schools' vocal strategy
throughout Gloucestershire
Developing sensory music for children with complex needs in
Gloucestershire / national
Creating live music,
Neonatal Intensive Care,
Gloucestershire Hospital
Making music accessible to all children
throughout the county
Helping young offenders create music, GlosMM Summer Arts College
“With GlosMM’s support I composed original music for parents, and for doctors and babies during medical procedures. It created a wonderful atmosphere which people valued.”
(Harpist, Gloucester Hospital)
“It has given me confidence to work with others…got me away from the bad crowd I was in…more confident about my voice and showing who I am”
(Participant, Music Mentoring)
“As a young musician, Gloucestershire Music Makers have given me the training, tools and confidence needed to become a music facilitator. I can now lead and talk to groups without a problem.”
(Glosmm, Music Leader)
“I just used your sensory music during a home visit to a poorly little girl with very complex needs. She loved it! It was a really brilliant session and she was so responsive.”
(Teacher, Multisensory Impairment
Advisory Teaching Service)
“He developed song writing skills, started a band, produced his own songs, enrolled on a music course... the motivation of music has brought about substantial change"

(17 year old NEET with autism and mental health problems, living in sheltered housing).
“I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn how to teach different kinds of harmony songs at the CPD event. The children have since taught some of the songs and games to other pupils in the school”
(Class Teacher, Vocal programme)
Increase project diversity / innovation
Collaborate across art forms / with neighbouring areas
Ensure high-quality musical outcomes
Extend training / CPD
Increase sharing of good practice
Continue to develop and extend programmes in schools
Create sustainable models
More able to respond to commissioning opportunities
Increase capacity in all areas
Extend range of funding sources
Work with older people
Reach all areas of the county
Develop inclusion work across all programmes
Complete management infrastructure
Create stability
Build on partnership working
Peter Holmes
Head of Access for Learning, Gloucestershire County Council and Senior Lead Officer for Gloucestershire Music Education Hub
Gloucestershire Music Makers is a well-established arts organisation and is much-respected within the county and beyond. The small team deliver critically important work with young people and others here, focusing on those with the least opportunities to engage in the arts. They are highly skilled practitioners with all the ingredients needed for a 21st century arts organisation: an emphasis on artistic quality, creativity, and access; a detailed understanding of the needs of their clients/beneficiaries, and of the development needs of arts practitioners; good partnerships and relationships; a focus on sustainability and long-term strategy; and flexible, creative, approaches to their work. The organisation has potential to make a significant impact on the level of engagement in the arts, and the future development of the arts sector in the county.
wider reach: quality music for all age groups
scalability: responsive to growing demand
robust processes: a businesslike approach
Making a difference
A highly-networked team
increased work opportunities for artists
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