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The Prophylactic Kit and WWII

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David Moore

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The Prophylactic Kit and WWII

The "Pro kit" was a method of external genital cleaning
It contained ointment, a soap saturated cloth, cleaning tissue, and direction sheet
Some later pro kits did contain a condom but there were few in numbers What is a Prophylactic Kit? STD Prevention in U.S. Military The Chamberlain-Kahn Act of 1918 created funds for the purpose of educating soldiers about sex
Military sex education classes begin
Sex ed films and posters are produced
David Moore
AMS 206 The Prophylactic Kit in the World Wars WWII Sex Education Film WWII Propaganda STD Epidemic during WWI and WWII Aside from the Central and Axis Powers the U.S. was fighting a war with STD's
Between 1917-1918 during WWI there were 80,000 cases of VD in the Army
Gonorrhea and Syphilis were the most serious Effects of the Pro-kit and sexist propaganda Stereotypes and sexual double standards were formed
Men could seek out sexual pleasure while women were looked down upon for doing so
Women didn't have control over their image nor body
So What?- Women today are still fighting against these double standards and for their bodies
Access to birth control and the right to abortion
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