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Summary v. Critique

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Judy Barry

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Summary v. Critique

Summarize Expository Text and Distinguish Between A Summary and a Critique
When you summarize you

put information in your own words

include only important ideas and details

leave out unimportant ideas and details
A critique might also include a short summary
so that

the reader knows what the article was about.

This helps the reader

understand the critique better.
Both a
and a

are well organized to make the

ideas easy to follow. Both a

summary and a critique tell about

the article, but a summary

condenses the information, while

a critique gives an opinion about

it or an evaluation of it.
does include your opinions.

When you critique, you make an

assessment of what you read.

You take a position.

For example: Was it effective?

Did the author accomplish his or her purpose?

Would others benefit from reading the article?

Then you use details from the article

to back up you assessment or position.
A summary shrinks

the ideas down

but maintains

the original meaning
A summary does
include your opinions. It includes only what is in the original text.
A summary is a shortened version
of what you read.
It provides the important
ideas and information but leaves
out less important information.
In other words,
a summary captures enough of the author's ideas so that the reader gets a good idea of what the article said.
When you critique, be sure to support with evidence from the text in the form of direct quotations.
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