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60s Fashion!

No description

Ellen Gianakis

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of 60s Fashion!

Hippie Movement
There were some people in the 60s who rebeled against establishment and mainstream style
The Hippie movement favored relaxed, comfortable, and natural clothing.
The norm for most college aged kids was jeans and a tee shirt (tie-dyed or not)
Mod Fashions
Mod fashions were a must for the "in crowd"
These types of clothes featured bright colors, leg-revealing lengths, and hyper-tailored design
Mod means "modernist" and symbolized the popular fashion of the time
This style started in London and was advertized through TV and magazines.
Mini Skirts +
Bell Bottom Pants
The 1960s was the beginning of self-expresion through fashion.
New trends were often created because people would find what they likes and would wear it.
60s fashion could be colorful or drab, fashion forward, or laid-back, tailored or relaxed, designer or tie-dyed!
Fashion in the 1960s
60s Fashion Trends
If you were in gradeschool, your parents were your fashion guide so you dressed conservatively
Catholic school girl collars were popular in the 60s as were tartan plaid skirts
Mini skirts were the most popular fashion trend of the decade. They were worn by everyone from celebreties to office workers to housewives. They aligned with the growing woman's movement.
Bell bottom pants were worn by both men and women! Bell bottoms were adopted by the hippies at the end of the 60s and later paired with tie dye shirts.
Shoe Fanatics!
Shoes ranged from heels to tennis shoes to boots
Women tended to pair mini skirts with knee high boots
60s Hair & Makeup
Women used hairspray to give their hair extra volume. Bob hairstyles were very popular as were curly styles.
60s makeup was all about the eyes. A lot of attention was given to eyeshadow and mascara while the rest of the race was more neutral and natural.
Fashion for Men
There were many stereotypes in the 1960s for teens. Two of particular importance are:
The Greasers
The Socs
The Greasers
Greasers were typically members of the lower-class and were known as "tough guys." Society viewed them negatively.
Their clothing typically featured leather jackets, white t-shirts, leather belts, and chains. They would also wear blue jeans, black boots, converse or tennis shoes. They rolled their shirts to hold their cigarette packs. Wore their hair slicked back.
Greaser girls wore their hair down, typically with a bandana
Were very emotional
Socs were members of the upper class
Their clothing featured proper button up t-shirts and ties.
Often wore madras shirts and trousers. Madras were colorful plaids, stripes, and checks.
Were unfeeling and often ganged up on the Greasers
Were viewed positively by society.
Want to Learn More?
If you're interested in 60s fashion, check out the links below for more!
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