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"The White Man's Burden" Is Racist?

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Victoria Rose

on 30 June 2014

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Transcript of "The White Man's Burden" Is Racist?

What is "The White Mans Burden"?
The "White Mans Burden" is a poem written by Rudyard Kipling. Many people interpret this poem differently because there is no guide written by Kipling telling us what this poem truly means. Some people have a strong belief that this poem is racist
Why do people believe that this poem is racist?
Many people take this poem as a metaphor for Europeans view above "undeveloped" national culture and ecenomic trade. They also beleive that this poem is promoting that "rich whites" are obligated to help "poor colored skins" whether their help is wanted or not.
Proof from the Text!
Some quotes from "The White Mans Burden" that point to it being racist are:
"And check the show of pride" telling the whites to show their pride/power.
"The easy, ungrudged praise" showing that the white do not not to work for gratitude.
"Send forth the best ye breed" stating that the "best of the breed" should be superior.
So is it Racist?
Maybe in the near future we will find out the truth, but we do not now for sure. With all the evidence to back it up "The White Man's Burden" could be very racist! All we can do is go off of the evidence we have, which points us to believe the racist background of this poem. So for now, in conclusion, this poem is likely racist.
"The White Man's Burden" Is Racist?
Thank you!
By Victoria Bleu
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