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Copy of Rachael, Maddy, Timea 7F 7.3.2

:) ;) :^D

Rachael Murray

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Rachael, Maddy, Timea 7F 7.3.2

Compass and printing technology Bonus Question Standard 7.3.2 By:Timea, Maddy, and Rachael The Developments During the Sung Dynasty Agricultural Development The major agricultural development was early ripening rice. This helped grow more rice, faster. Now that they had more rice, it helped the population grow. There were about 100 million people because of this. Commercial Developments The Sung dynasty ruled china from 960 to 1279. The Chinese made great commercial developments during that period. Commercial developments are their paintings, ceramics, book printing, and philosophy. Technological Developments The major technological developments were the compass, printing technology, gunpowder, cannons, and windmill. These advancements helped the Sung Dynasty's sailing, economy, literature, military and agriculture. Philosophy Describe agricultural, technological, and commercial developments during the Sung Dynasty. Question #1 What was the first known chemical explosive???? Question #2 What was China's major agricultural development? Question #3 Citation The World Book Encyclopedia 1993. 1993 ed. Vol. 3. Chicago, IL: World Book, 1993. Print. C-Ch. Citation Even though the Song Dynasty had so many improvements within the years, they also had some flaws. They had a weak military system. The Song Dynasties would often sign treaties to end war.

Another major change was the population. As the population grew, so did the economy. Later, the economy fell apart due to the different opinions by the civil bureaucrats. Major Changes The compass allowed sailors to navigate the seas more accurately. Shen Kuo discovered the concept of North and the magnetic declination toward the North Pole. The printing technology was invented by Bi Sheng in the 11th century. Moveable type and woodblock printing increased the Sung dynasty's literacy and the Sung dynasty was the first government in history to issue paper-printed money. Gun powder, Cannons, and the Windmill The World's First Paper Currency Compass Moveable printing technique Gunpowder helped the Chinese military. It was the first known chemical explosive. This invention also led to the invention of fireworks. Cannons also had a huge impact on the Chinese military. This was one of the earliest forms of gunpowder artillery. The windmill invention helped for milling grains and it improved the Sung Dynasty's agriculture. cannon windmill The Sung dynasty ruled china from 960 to 1279. The sung dynasty ruled China from ___ to ____. GUNPOWDER! fast ripening rice What were two of the commercial developments in the Sung dynasty??? paintings, ceramics, book printing, and philosophy Early Ripening Rice Painting Example of book printing Ceramics Person GunPowder The World Book Encyclopedia... _ [1967.]. 3rd ed. Vol. 17. Chicago: London, Sydney, 1967. Print.
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