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Presentation of my Graduation Thesis

No description

Katharina Stevens

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Presentation of my Graduation Thesis

Entrepreneurs Club Berlin e.V.
Initial situation
Thank you!

Marketing Strategies
Reflection & Vision
To the presentation of my graduation thesis.
Entrepreneurs Club Berlin e.V.
Katharina Stevens
High School
Innovative Idea!
New Product! New Service! New Company!
Who should my target audience be?
How do I find employees?
How do I start my own company?
Where do I sell my product?
How can I fund my business?
How do I build up a valuable network?
Research Question
The working model by Alsem (2007)
Internal Analysis
External Analysis
Strengths & Weaknesses
Opportunities & Threats
SWOT Analysis
Swot analysis
Lack of a visible corporate identity
Unattractive website
Too little funds for events
No segmentation of the target market
High power of substitute products
Possible season sensitivity
Attractiveness of Berlin for new students and new businesses
Existing interest in "Startup canoeing and BBQing"
Variety of event supply
High amount of volunteers at events
Affordable ticket prices
Distinctive use of Facebook
Marketing Objectives
Marketing instruments
Expansion of its range of events
Higher recognition value
Insufficient numbers of event attendees
Increase in demand for an ECB membership
What marketing strategies can be implemented to act on the demand for a new event within the existing target group of the Entrepreneurs Club Berlin e.V.?
1. Product development
2. Market penetration
3. Customer intimacy
4. Corporate identity
1. Product development
2. Market penetration
3. Customer intimacy
4. Corporate identity
Fostering an agile founding culture in Berlin
Promoting entrepreneurship & founding
An increased amount of people are starting their own business
Students see founding as a realistic career perspective
Products & Services
Regular conferences on different topics regarding founding
Regular networking events
Entrepreneurship mentoring program for students
Role as an advocate for startups
Startup canoeing & BBQing
Addition to the current supply of events
Offering it to the existing & possible customers
Diversification on the market
Competitive advantage
Counteracting the threat of season sensitivity
Attracting possible members
Segmentation of the target group
Between founders and students
Including current & future customers
Customers become more predictable
Their needs will be easier met
Creation of long term relationships
Customized events
Customization of form and content of events
In favor of the customer segments
Easier response to individual needs and wishes
Improvement of the events' quality
Attracting possible members
Recognition value
Permanent position on the market
Competitive advantage
Attracting possible members
Creating a visual symbiosis between all communication channels
Corporate Identity for the association
The target group of ECB associates the organization with its events and other activities based on its corporate identity.
“Startup canoeing and BBQing” will attract up to 40 attendees.
The needs of the segmented target group of ECB are predictable and long term relationships are built.
The customized Startup Lounges will each attract up to 60 attendees.
In October and November 2014, the Startup Lounge will be held exclusively for founders as well as students by addressing a topic which is tailored to their needs.
“Startup canoeing and BBQing” will be introduced and held in May 2015.
In May 2015, the event “Startup canoeing and BBQing” is being held outdoors.
By the end of 2014, ECB has used its Twitter account twice weekly and has increased the current amount of Twitter followers by 20%, which will amount to more than 2,400 followers.
By the end of 2014, 75% of the existing customers of ECB associate the events and activities of the organization with ECB.
By the end of 2014, 75% of the existing target group of ECB is aware of the organization’s customized Startup Lounges and the segmentation of customers.
In October and November 2014, the segmented target group finds the ticket price for the customized Startup Lounges acceptable and amounts to up to 60 attendees per event.
The target group of “Startup canoeing and BBQing” accepts the amount of the ticket price and amounts up to 40 attendees. The income of the ticket charge breaks even with all costs of the activity.
Product development
Market penetration
Customer Intimacy
Corporate Identity
Conducting "Startup canoeing & BBQing"
1,200 EUR
Customer segmentation
Customized events for segments of target group
Visual CI for the association
Further research & improvements
Extend scope of research
Focus on existing customers
Create public market research
Recognition value
Competitive advantage
Long term relationships
High quality products
Customer analysis
Industry analysis
Competitor analysis
Analysis of distribution & suppliers
Personal reflection & vision
1,200 EUR
Expert interviews
2. Research Question
3. Swot Analysis
4. Marketing Strategies
& -Objectives
5. Marketing Instruments
6. Budget
7. Conclusion
8. Reflection
The amount of members grows by 2 by the end of 2014.
Numerous investors located in Berlin
Not representative
Source: Expert interviews, observation
Source: DESTEP analysis, events-research, market analysis
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